Official trailers:
New Contenders Trailer - with returning characters from Street Fighter Alpha series (Guy, Cody, Adon)
New Contenders Trailer II - with returning characters from Street Fighter III series (Dudley, Makoto, Ibuki)
New Modes and Features Trailer - online lobbies with spectating, team battle, replay channels, tournament mode, bonus stages
Hakan Trailer
Alternate Costumes and 2nd Ultras Trailer
Juri fighting Chun Li & Cammy Cutscene

Replay channels:
- online replays with Japan's finest - with French commentary by legendary Ken Bogard aka Puyo
- tournament footage - Team Spooky's channel - The Break weekly - San Diego ranbats - California love :D - Evo 2010 - Japan's main tournament outlet
- misc - tutorials - combo videos

Other links: - character profiles on official website