A few days ago, I finally completed a book writing project that had been in the works for over a year. The book is entitled "So you want to be a shoutcaster?" and covers most aspects of commentating on videogames, from setting up at home and casting on audio, right through to the more complicated stuff which happens at lan events.

With the recent activity in the shoutcasting world being a little flat and not many new faces coming through, now seemed to be the perfect time to try and help people do something they may have thought about, but feared to try. Hopefully the mini book can help people get on the right road to getting quality shoutcasting out there from more people. After all, its a very small world.

The book goes through a wide range of things to consider, including advice, suggestions and practical solutions to some problems. It covers many aspects that perhaps are a little more subtle but equally important too.

You can view the book in its entirety on theshoutcaster.co.uk and a full downloadable PDF version should be ready before Christmas.