I think we have a cheater on Quake Live, Yuka.

The evidence:
- He has been caught in Counter Strike for using wallhack and in Quake2 for using ratbot.

- He apparently bought a brand new mouse and suddenly improved. Additionally he won a new mouse at a Slovenian tournament but said he didn't need it.

- His average accuracy against average players two-three weeks ago was around 18-33% and he was also being beaten by average players. But now he has accuracy against top players (strenx, spartie, blanka and bodzo) of around 45-58%, and he is now beating them (bodzo / blanka and strenx with a frag difference of more than 15-20 a few times).

Examples games versus strenx / spartie (with a "new" mouse):

Examples games at clan base (with his old mouse vs some avarage players):

If you check weapon accuracy, mg 50%, lg 45-50% and rg 63-65%, however you still can fake % in ql. (with a "new" mouse)

Example of Quake Live hacks:

Is YUKA using a wallhack?:

People post your thoughts. Did he really become so good because of a mouse or is he cheating?

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