The official website of Tritin Films Multimedia has been launched.

Tritin Films has produced and animated Arenas: The Episodes - re-creation of the Quake 3 Arena and Doom 3 worlds, previously known as "Quake Rebellion".

By following the character's action from gladiators to their pre-arena stories, we bring to life the full evolution of the Quake III Arena universe and all of it's icons.

Five Episodes were already published on internet streaming platforms. You can follow the story and episodes on the Tritin Films site, the new episodes will be released in the official Tritin Films video channel on

Check out the first episodes in the HD quality:

Pilot Episode 0: Chosen by the Vadrigar
Episode 1: Doom's Deathmatch Birth
Episode 2: No Backing Down
Episode 3: Warriors of Slipgate - Part 1
Episode 4: Warriors of Slipgate - Part 2
Episode 5: Defrag - coming soon!