ATM i use a g5 with a everglide titan gaming mat. its dimensions are 355 x 254 x 4mm. The mat is quite nice, I have been using it for about a year with no real probs and it tracks well on my g5.

What im looking for is another cloth mat with similar dimensions that tracks well and has lower friction when used with my g5.

I especially want it to have lower friciton compared to my titan mat. That is the main feature I am looking for.

any recommendations? I dont mind if the pad is abit bigger but i wouldn't want anything that is alot smaller than this.

I know hard pads are lower friciton but i dont want to use them if possible. I had a ratpadz gs before but it wore out. I tried it the other day and i don't feel the tracking is on par with my titan mat. Also the hardpad doesnt feel as comfortable on the hands and usuually arent as big.

I was alos looking at the razer destructor pad but I would rather get a cloth one.