Alright, so for ESWC Canada coming up I have to use a shitty LCD..

Anyway, I can get 75hz on 1280x1024.

But, is it better to go with a lower resolution? Or, so I just use 1280x1024?

Also, maxfps will NOT change for me. I read that com_maxfps 74 was best for a 75hz LCD. Any idea on how to change it?

And what about mouse sensitivity? I remember people telling me that you have to change your mouse sens as you increase/decrease resolution. I normally use 800x600, but when I went to 1280x1024, the sensitivity felt fine, felt the same as before.

Any other advice or help for playing on an LCD would be appreciated =D

I only have to use it for next week, then I'll be back on my CRT.

Also, should I just go and buy a 20" widescreen 2ms LCD for the tournament then return it?

I have a 8ms 19" 4:3, and the 8ms is absolutely brutal. I remember looking at a 2ms before, in a different game, and it didn't look better. What should I do?

Thanks =D