Tier Ranking For Quake Players

I made this list to see if this number would be well suited for a tier list. Quake Live is coming out, and I thought maybe I'd write this up as a possible idea or solution to the matchmaking issue.

I think it's pretty simple, but if you dis-agree, or have alternative tier list ideas, please post some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

1. Beginner - "What's a Quake?"

This player is the absolute newest person you can put on this list. This person has NEVER touched Quake before, let alone any other DM FPS. This player knows the bare minimum of the game, just enough to go into a FFA server and be satisfied. Don't expect this player to know anything previous about any Quake games, and don't expect this person to be using some fancy mouse. Don't even expect them to change the mouse sensitivity in the options. Common alias - "Unnamed Player"

Some common traits to this person would be using auto-graphics (Not adjusting graphics at all), all the weapons to the scroll wheel, NO idea of the concept of advanced movement, joining servers regardless of ping, and no map knowledge.

2. Meathead - "FUCKING CHEATERS!"

This player knows the basics of the game, the maps, weapons, etc. While this player still plays on some FFA servers, he might venture into an occasional CTF or TDM game. He might even try to do a Duel, but without surprise, will quit the duel two minutes in. Expect this player to change some options, such as sensitivity, and name. This player will typically have enough courage to talk to friends about how much he 'pwned n00bs' in a server while waiting in line to purchase his new $110 mouse (He thinks it will make him play better). Common alias - "ugotpwn3d"

3. Intermediate - "Wait, what's VQ3?"

This player is in the middle of everything. He knows more then the basics, isn't afraid to go into console, and has changed binds for each weapon. He's the player that accepts a loss, and moves on (usually). This player will usually understand the concept of CPMA, but will still need help. You'll see these players in IRC asking for help with certain situations, asking what certain cvars do, etc. This player understands that the competitive nature of this game exists, and is just beginning to explore it. He's ready to learn more, and people shouldn't be hesitant to help this person. He/She understands the concept of advanced movement, and is decent at it. This player also might even have their own custom config, which they will maintain a couple times in a month.

4. Advanced - "Wasn't Mega spawn at 21?"

This is the struggling point of a lot of players, and usually the highest tier most players will reach. This player knows and fully understands the concepts of competitive gaming, knows and installs any form of Pro-Mods, has his own custom config, knows a lot of cvars, and also watches demos (depends on person). This player knows the timing for all weapons, armours, items, and so on. In terms of game knowledge, this person is usually the same as Tier 5 player. The only thing separating these two tiers is pure skill, experience, and talent. A player here will lose to a Tier 5 because of experience. There's nothing wrong at this point with a Tier 4 player, the only thing left to do is for this player to keep playing more and more to get more experience. This player needs to do his best as positioning, item control, knowing your opponent, "Mind fucking", and overall, being a good duelist. Expect this player to not jump into gimmicky gaming products, and to occasionally alias while playing online.

5. Expert - "When is CPL sending my check?"

Top of the game, top of the world. Fox, Cooller, CZM (In his prime) and so on, are all considered in this tier. These players have an extremely large amount of experience, and are competing in a professional level. There isn't a lot to say about this tier, since most players will know exactly who can be considered in this.