first of all, to ignorant idiots; im not nazi, im not neo-nazi, im not fascist, nor national socialist but.

what the fuck is wrong with germans and their instantly awakening absolute and blind hate if somewhere reads "hitler" or sees hitlers picture ?

i can bet my balls 90% of germans here who only saw topic shot their baby (if they had one) and burned their house down already.

i mean, why ?

i know he did many "terrible" things but he did much good too (nobody can deny it even they want so much)

explain to me please. i never found it out.

***add just once more, im not hitler fan, i dont support national socialism or any nazism.

EDIT: i love how hard it is for ppl in esr to stay in topic and how they start trolling when they really have nothing to say <3

EDIT2 : see comment #57, only answer to the topics question was there and thx for trolling. I liked to troll with rest of you esr trolls but got tired already.