I am fairly new to the quake scene, and even though I suck, I usually enjoy quake 4 duels. I have watched all the duels i can from websites like multiplay i32 and stuff and I understand how each weapon is for a different situation.

However, when playing online (I get about 35 ping to my own countries server) I can't seem to find any better way to play than just to use rockets.


I tried my hardest to use rockets as much as I could because it seems to be the only way to play against him, but he still seems to just drop on me with rockets in every possible situation. Also, he will only play me on his map which makes it even more boring.

I understand that with client pred on 0 i have to lead slighty on the players to get the hits in, but still a player with rockets seems to almost always outdamage a player with lg, simply cos you can almost always manouvre your way through to him.

The way I play against people who try to use more than 1 gun is different, I try to actually use all the weps the way they were meant to be:


Apart from rockets vs rockets being mostly skilless, it is also incredibly boring, is there anything I can do to make my LG hit more (my net_clientmaxrate is 25600) or anything to make it so rockets aren't so dominant?

In my opinion using rockets in every situation is basically exploiting the lag, since I have played on LAN and there is no such problem.