it's LIVE!.. i'll make a news post later if someone doesn't beat me to it hehe..


In early July, had the opportunity to preview the Quake4 1.3 Point Release at id Software's offices in Texas. At the time, I was on assignment in Texas for the WVSG Summer Championships. The timing couldn't have been better. At this time, id wasn't exactly sure when the patch would be released, but we knew it would be fairly soon. While previewing such anticipated patch to my favorite series of video games was an amazing opportunity, PQ4 happened to be the first and only organization to get the sneak peak of the 1.3 update.

Before departing, I asked if it would be fine to shoot some random video around their offices for all the id fans around the world. For security purposes, we were limited to general areas of the offices, but those are the most interesting. The hallway which you must walk through to reach all the employee offices is filled with magazines and posters from id titles ranging from Doom to RTCW. The video first starts off in a closet in the back of the offices which houses unopened copies of id and partner company titles. It then proceeds to the previously mentioned hallway and then to the main lobby and conference room. These rooms hold many id awards and memorabilia. You'll see original Doom models, the models used on the Team Arena box, and much more . The video runs almost 7 minutes and is presented in 1280x720 High Definition video.