by Daniel Platt

I am walking through some corridor in a Helsinki hotel, I am carrying some irrationally huge box for my geforce 7900GT and a pair of letters, I have addresses on neither of them, but one of them has the name Thomas *Something*Laiven, it's weird because the whole corridor is slanted sideways, and when I enter the lobby I accidentally drop the letters, and they slide in a bit under the overhanging wall, I have to fish them out. When I get them out I see see two girls with ponytails, one brown, one blonde, about 16-17 sitting on a couch in the lobby, giggling,
and I get down on the couch opposite them, with the big box on my knees, with the lid pointing up, obscuring them from my view. "Oh, 7900GT, is that good?" asks the blonde ponytail to the brown, I push down the lid and say "Yeah, it's the best", and smile. The brown ponytail says something about agreeing. "Does it have one of those cool neon light blinkers" says the blonde one, and the brown ponytail says "No, nothing blinking there", I say "Well, it has a tiny little blinking light on it, but I don't like the big lights
making my computer into a disco" which makes them both giggle a little. The brown haired girl says "Yeah, I agree, I don't like it blinking either."

We both leave out the lobby entrance, I notice it's night, and we step out on some train platform about 50 meters above the ground, which is a cliff leading down to Helsinki city. The train arrives(the hotel is the end station) and we get on it. The girls get in the chair group opposite mine. The train starts with a jolt, and a big jerk that sends me flying almost out of my chair. The girls and a few others in the train laugh. "Is it always that rough when it starts?" I ask, and the brown haired girl answers "Yeah, the first-timers always do that" and smile. Anyway, there's some idle chatter between them and I look out the window with a good view over the city of helsinki[which I have no idea how it actually looks in real life], As we ride by it I see one of those oil towers which spew flame out the top, but here it's just a flame/orange-red colored exclamation mark hovering slightly above the oil tower, I blink a few times in disbelief.

Both I and the girls get off on the next stop, we enter some kind of shopping center from 50 meters above ground level, most of the shops are closed and its fairly dark, I get up next to the brown-haired girl and start to walk next to her through the shopping centre. "From knowing all that stuff about that 7900GT, I guess you like computer games?" I say, she responds "Well, it's my sisters computer. I find it alright but I'd like to put some limit on it, so we don't stay up to 5am playing on school nights.", I laugh a little in the dream, and then suddenly my alarm bell rings and the fun is over :(.