Britain, Britain, Britain,

cultural capital of the world. The Sistine Chapel, British. Mozart's Requiem, British. The Great Wall of China, British. Broken Enigma Code, British (Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear said that, not me). Best score in RAF in Battle of England, British. Benny Hill, British, sechs sechs sechs (6-6-6) wuderwaffe ss, British. Statue of Freedom in New York City, British. (What else?)

But none of that stuff would have been invented were it not for the people of Britan and by the people of Britan, the men, the women, the boys, the girls and the monkey children that populate this well fit country, lets 'ave it!

Swallow your pride, such a bad bad Brits! a Ha bloody Ha.

Adn.: This hate speech was writed only in 47% by evil Pole.

p.s. Little Britain is great. Best comedy show tv series comes from UK after Monthy Python Flying Circus of course.