Since many, mostly new, players are looking for a decent config from pro players to check out how their graphic looks or what bindings they use, I decided to share my personaly config collection, called "skilleys cfg collection", with the lovely community.

There are 103 QL settings from Pro players like Sweden toxjq, United States of America cha0ticz, United States of America rapha, Poland bodzo. Also a Amateur part with settings from Poland daxio, Ukraine x1t and many many more.

If you think that your cfg is missing, feel free to send it to me [email protected], it will get a place in the next update!

The collection will get a update every month! Next update after Gamescom!

UPDATE 1: The 1000 download counter is reached, so its time to share Sweden toxjq's mouse settings with you, whos interested in it!

Mouse: WMO 1.1a
Mousepad: Steelseries cloth pad the thick one
DPI: 400
Hz: 500

UPDATE 2: Like i said in my comment, there will be a here we go! :)

skilley's QL cfg collection v2 includes the settings from known players like Poland kos, Sweden proZaC, Netherlands Scoot, Sweden spart1e, United States of America DaHang, United Kingdom zsx and... Australia DanDaKing :) + some more.

Also the Amateur part like Russia iddqd's cfg and so on.

Have fun with it and a big thanks to everyone who sent me his settings to get a bigger update!

btw: Im still waiting for some IEM settings, i was able to get to the Tournament PC's but my USB stick failed so i will update it later again :)