The French clan Against All Authority seems to be in trouble. The old school team from France lost three of their main players.

The three people who have left aAa's q3 team are Belgium VeRTeX, France AppleSeed and France linkin. AppleSeed and linkin were active for both squads, VeRTeX only for the TDM side.

With the loss of three TDM members and two CTF members, aAa has a major problem. Appleseed and linkin were both aAa's strongest defenders in the CTF team and VeRTeX was one of their key TDM players.

It's unsure what the future holds for appleseed and linkin but VeRTeX has already found a new home. The CTF'er from Team xYz is going play TDM for the Benelux clan Paniek Zaaiende Zigeuners(PZZ).