Never Enough (ne_duel.pk3) is a 1v1 map designed for vq3 which also works well as a 2v2 and/or cpm map.

3 of us have spent 23 months in total, building and tweaking this map, with months of playtesting.

DOWNLOAD 'Never Enough' HERE

two close games recorded tonight (10mins each)
z3on v Prodx
Prodx v Lekker

We have hired a gaming server here in the UK on which the map can be played. If you're interested in playing the map on our server join us (equim, akuma and verb) in #cess on Quakenet. Planetquake3 have put the map up on a US server so if you're stateside try it out here -

The weapons spawn every 15 seconds and the MH is the standard 35 sec spawn time.

We'd really like to see any demos of games on 'NE' and will upload any we get onto the maps webpage. Demos are up on the webpage for the map (click the link above)

If you have any trouble downloading the map you can also get it... here or planetquake3 NET Download have mirrored the map for us.. thx to RogeR