The upcoming 16-year old Belarusian star Belarus Alexei “Cypher” Yanushevski has signed a deal with the relatively new multi-gaming organization, Sweden RAW Gaming. Cypher recently came in 2nd at the 2006 edition of the ESWC, beating heavy favourites Russia mouz.Cooller and Sweden SK.toxic without dropping a map to either. Cypher joins Sweden OoZe on the team and will now represent RAW at all events. Cypher is currently looking into a VISA for Quakecon, and will also attend all major events in 2006.

The former v4 player had this to say when he joined our team:
I am very happy to join Raw-Gaming. They are really cool guys. Besides, they give me a chance of participating in major tournaments around the world.

Sweden Jonas “cederman” Cederholm, Raw-Gaming’s CEO, said:
I am really looking forward to work closely with Alexei, he is the next superstar in the gaming industry and I am very proud and happy that he signed a contract with Raw. We will help him out so that he can focus 110% on the thing he loves to do, play Q4.