Scheduled: 07:00 CST, 22 November 2009 to 10:45 CST, 22 November 2009
Schedule: Passed

The CIS CIS countries still haven't given up on Quake 3 Quake 3! Started a few days ago with a huge Group Stage (80 players), the ASUS Autumn 2009 ONLINE will see its first Playoff games starting today around 10:00 CDT.

From the group stage, 24 players made it to the 1st playoff brackets. Now 8 experts players will join them in a 32-slots Double Elimination brackets which will be played as best-of-3.

Then the best 8 players from this brackets will advance to the 2nd playoff where 8 masters players will join them. Again DE brackets will be used with bo3 matches. The 2nd playoff will start Sunday at 10:00 CDT.

Update The finals are played on LAN today with Amai'sD, RazerJibo and srs/rzr/Cypher. The format consist of one group where all players will play against each others in bo5 matches. All results can be found on

GTV: Russia - IRC: mIRC #asus.q3
Links:, Participants, Group Stage, 1st Playoff, 2nd Playoff, Finals