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Tips for Riga & Belgrade (9 comments)
Posted by visje @ 01:46 CDT, 30 June 2011 - iMsg
With a pretty big group of friends we'll be going to Riga next Saturday. After 5 days or so we'll go to Belgrade (via a day in Stockholm). Looking for tips, primarily nightlife or entertaining things to do during the day. Anyone out here that lives in one of those city's?
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FFA Tournament #7 (27 comments)
Posted by visje @ 12:21 CDT, 28 June 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 30 June 2011 to 17:00 CDT, 30 June 2011
Schedule: Passed

Thursday the 30th of June at 14:00 CDT, -FFA- is organizing the 7th open FFA Tournament.

This upcoming edition is a special edition to be played on United Kingdom Maidenhead servers. The 7 maps chosen for this edition are based upon the most popular maps voted by the players.

The previous edition was completely dominated by France _chaos. The first player that managed to win all of the finals, and in fact losing only 1 map throughout the tournament. More details reported in these statistics.

From all send in demos this highlight video (mirror) has been compiled.

Links: Current Sign-ups, Rules, Brackets, VODs - mIRC #ffa-clan
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1st place finishers -vs- FFA #6 (2 comments)
Posted by visje @ 12:02 CDT, 28 June 2011 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Free for all
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: multiple
How to play back QL demos

FFA Tournament #6 demos
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FFA Tournament #6 (11 comments)
Posted by visje @ 06:42 CDT, 25 June 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 26 June 2011 to 16:00 CDT, 26 June 2011
Schedule: Passed

Sunday the 26th of June at 13:00 CDT, -FFA- is organizing the 6th open FFA Tournament. A tiny change has been made: the maximum amount of players in a game has been adjusted to 11 (in stead of 12). The previous edition was won by Germany ipodjunk. From all send in demos this highlight video has been compiled.

This winner gets to select all 7 maps for the next tournament. Germany ipodjunk compiled the following list for this week: Grim Dungeons, Almost Lost, Trinity, Furious Heights, Quarantine, Hidden Fortress, Asylum.

Links: Current Sign-ups, Rules, Brackets, VODs - mIRC #ffa-clan
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FFA Tournament #4 (14 comments)
Posted by visje @ 16:05 CDT, 8 June 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 12 June 2011 to 16:00 CDT, 12 June 2011
Schedule: Passed

Sunday the 12th of June at 13:00 CDT, -FFA- is organizing the 4th FFA Tournament.

The FFA tournament system has changed. From now on there will be 4 elimination rounds and 3 finals. With this altered system, players have a higher chance to play more games in a tournament.

The previous edition was won by Netherlands visje, who did so by winning only 2 maps throughout the tournament. Visje won the selection of all 7 maps for the next tournament, and a voucher for two nights at Garibaldi Relais, which he kept in the prizepool because he already had his holidays planned.

Links: Current Sign-ups, Rules, Brackets, VODs - mIRC #ffa-clan
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FFA Tournament #3 (32 comments)
Posted by visje @ 16:08 CDT, 31 May 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 5 June 2011 to 16:00 CDT, 5 June 2011
Schedule: Passed

Sunday the 5th of June at 13:00 CDT, -FFA- is organizing the 3rd FFA Tournament.

Strenx won 100 euro, and the right to select all 7 maps for the next tournament. But, just like k1llsen did after #1, strenx gave Tony the honors for selecting the maps.

Notable famous players: United Kingdom ddk, Czech Republic krysa, Sweden purri, Netherlands razorx, Sweden Spart1e, France strenx, Italy unnamedtony, Finland wit
FFA stars: Viet Nam _chaos, Finland crucci, Norway Fz, Germany ipodjunk, United Kingdom med1xza, United Kingdom stesamo

Links: Current Sign-ups, Rules, Brackets, Register - mIRC #ffa-clan
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FFA Tournament #2 (119 comments)
Posted by visje @ 12:16 CDT, 29 May 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 29 May 2011 to 16:00 CDT, 29 May 2011
Schedule: Passed

cup_gold France strenx
cup_silver Viet Nam _chaos
cup_bronze United Kingdom ddk

Full results here. Tournament #3 is already accepting sign-ups, but no details are decided yet.

Links: Current Sign-ups, Rules, Brackets, Register - mIRC #ffa-clan
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whine (180 comments)
Posted by visje @ 17:30 CDT, 29 April 2011 - iMsg
[23:27] <@visje->
[23:43] <@tony-home> lol visje- :)
[23:43] <+nodd> rofl
[23:43] <+nodd> as if hes cheating
[23:44] <+nodd> in ffa to get red
[23:45] <@tony-home> visje- u need to run it on normal speed too
[23:46] <@Fi2011> they are probably abusing with package loss at the turning points
[23:47] <@Fi2011> they press left and their network drops a few packages
[23:47] <@Fi2011> they press right and the same thing happens
[23:57] <@visje-> uhh
[23:57] <@visje-> bind x "+warp"
[23:58] <@visje-> alias +warp com_maxfps 25
[23:58] <@visje-> alias -warp com_maxfps 125
[23:58] <@visje-> and this sad little fuckface just pressed down his bind x +warp to get to red
[23:58] <@visje-> and even magically gained a speedboost by doing so
[23:59] <+peavey> I just played him
[23:59] <+peavey> 5 mins ago
[23:59] <@visje-> i quit the game
[00:00] <@visje-> and congratulated him with his free win
[00:00] <@visje-> want the win that bad? here have it; /quit
[00:00] <@visje-> cba
[00:00] <+peavey> I've always used 125
[00:00] <+peavey> even tho the default is 63
[00:00] <+peavey> seems your game is smoother
[00:00] <@visje-> and if this does not get fixed soon
[00:00] <@visje-> i'm gonna equip myself with a massive warping connection
[00:00] <@visje-> and make sure id gets a shitload of complaints about me
[00:00] <@visje-> like in the bliksems time
[00:01] <@visje-> perhaps then they'll get tired of reading complaints
[00:01] <@visje-> and put a delay on changing maxfps
[00:01] <+peavey> I tried a few games back then with 63
[00:01] <+peavey> and nothing would hit
[00:01] <+peavey> so say goodbye to your aim too
[00:01] <+peavey> unless you use projectile weaps
[00:01] <@visje-> well when im in the zone
[00:01] <@visje-> and a warpnewb connects
[00:01] <@visje-> its bye bye aim and welcome rage anyway
[00:01] <+peavey> but your "problem" is your fav weap is a hitscan weap
[00:01] <@visje-> i can use any weapon
[00:02] <@visje-> i just find lg requires most skill
[00:02] * +peavey gets out the cookie jar to calm visje
[00:02] <+peavey> ^hash cookies
[00:02] <+peavey> :D
[00:02] <@ipodjunk> I heard cookies?
[00:02] <@ipodjunk> gief
[00:02] <@visje-> ye sorry im really pissed off by the state the game is in
[00:02] <@Fi2011> maybe you should find out what package rate works best with each weapon or perhaps against each weapon
[00:03] <+peavey> actually, before I got fast interleave on my adsl
[00:03] <+peavey> 63 lowered my ping
[00:03] <+peavey> yet I still opted to play with 125 for the added smoothness and consistency it gave
[00:03] <+peavey> like 10ms+
[00:04] <+peavey> but with fast interleave no problem, same ping on 63 and 125
[00:04] <+peavey> ~40
[00:04] <@visje-> netcode is just one giant piece of shit
[00:04] <+peavey> agreed
[00:04] <@visje-> look at me
[00:05] <@visje-> installed special software to gain 20ms
[00:05] <@visje-> its too
[00:05] <@visje-> sad
[00:05] <@visje-> i will go join the cheatnewbs and start warping or i will just quit
[00:05] <+peavey> at least you got it playable
[00:05] <@visje-> unbeatable limits to the game
[00:08] <+nodd> rofl
[00:08] <+peavey> lol yah, you can hear who's the old man here :S
[00:09] <+nodd> i mean wtf who should to such stuff for ffa
[00:09] <+nodd> i mean the most ppl just play it for the lulz
[00:09] <+nodd> and mb he has bad isp
[00:09] <+nodd> no need to rage , and if u are a good player u dont rage about it imo :&
[00:10] <+peavey> well its visje :p
[00:10] <+peavey> but yeah, its annoying, getting knocked out of the zone
[00:10] <+peavey> it can ruin the fun a little
[00:10] <+nodd> well i know some warpers in TDM
[00:10] <+nodd> thye ruin it ye , but dont think a ultra random ffa player will do like this guy
[00:11] <+nodd> You should see T1e , Zoolle , Daviez
[00:11] <+nodd> seeing warp
[00:11] <+nodd> then u know what wtf internet is :P
[00:11] <+nodd> netcode is not soooo bad , pls stop saying everythng is so bad in ql :(
[00:11] <+peavey> just equip the gd RL and squash those warpers
[00:11] <+nodd> then u would play it ,too
[00:12] <+nodd> Ye RL is the best solution
[00:12] <+nodd> gn8
[00:12] <+peavey> quake players are not quake players without the whine
[00:12] <@visje-> well guys like nodd say 'deal with it'
[00:12] <+peavey> sorry mate, truth has been spoken :D
[00:12] <@visje-> they say 'it's not cheating'
[00:12] <@visje-> many like this
[00:12] <@visje-> so yeah
[00:12] <@visje-> if its not cheating
[00:12] <@visje-> then yes, i will take advantage of it too
[00:12] <+peavey> at least we're not as bad as CS players
[00:13] <@visje-> its perfectly normal to warp like a fucker isnt it
[00:13] <@visje-> so i will warp like a motherfucker then
[00:13] <+peavey> I don't warp
[00:13] <@visje-> adjusting to the current ingame state
[00:13] <+peavey> I'm an easy target for hitscan
[00:13] <+peavey> come play me visje
[00:13] <+peavey> shoot the pain out
[00:13] <+peavey> :p
[00:13] <@visje-> its not pain
[00:13] <+peavey> anger?
[00:14] <@visje-> its annoyance that nothing gets done to save this game
[00:14] <+peavey> they cant even get their webserver running smoothly
[00:14] <@visje-> this game would be so big if the developers would wake the fuck up
[00:14] <+peavey> what do you expect?
[00:14] <@visje-> yeah realizing this now
[00:14] <@visje-> im losing my motivation to continue this
[00:14] <+peavey> they need to hire me
[00:14] <@visje-> idd
[00:14] <+peavey> I can fix both the web problem and the netcode
[00:15] <+peavey> I've worked for denmarks biggest casual gaming site
[00:15] <+peavey> handling 25k writes / 70k reads per SECOND to a mysql db
[00:16] <+peavey> it took some years to develop the techniques/experience to solve stuff like this.. but I have it :)
[00:16] <@visje-> :)
[00:16] <@visje-> apply :D
[00:16] <@visje-> but it will never happen
[00:16] <@visje-> :(
[00:16] <+peavey> I aint touching the US with a 10foot pole
[00:16] <+peavey> fucking banana repuclic :>
[00:17] <+peavey> republic*
[00:17] <@visje-> haha
[00:17] * @m4tt-q3 ( Quit (Signed off)
[00:17] <+peavey> naw, I have many many friends over there
[00:17] <+peavey> they're not all bad :)
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LMAO! Is this old? (13 comments)
Posted by visje @ 20:02 CDT, 27 April 2011 - iMsg
Just stumbled upon this vid:
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FFA videos with vocal commentary (62 comments)
Posted by visje @ 05:59 CDT, 24 April 2011 - iMsg
I've created a couple of videos of QL FFA matches, with added vocal commentary.

DM6 (Campgrounds):
DM10 (Namelessplace):
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netcode 'fix' for low pingers (130 comments)
Posted by visje @ 21:52 CST, 20 January 2011 - iMsg
My accuracy is better when my ping is above 30. Since i am on a fiber connection i have to play 'far' away to have the feeling my hits register correctly.

On servers below 30 ms i have a hard time getting my LG accuracy above 40. On servers above 30ms i easily get above 40.

Especially MG and LG are affected, and it seems the hitbox is 'larger' on > 30 ms.

I have posted several topics about the issue on the quakelive forums, getting some support from people that experienced the same or similar. And lot of people (newbies) that said "LOLOL LOW PING IS BETTER". Today finally a long awaited response from a developer, pointing out that what i say is bollox and he shut down my thread asking for ways to induce a higher ping.

So i am taking the issue here, not because i care that much if anyone agrees or not, but to point out there is a method of fixing it for yourself with this:

/edit by becks

link removed, because we don't want more warping players and players might use this in hopes of improving their aim even though they don't understand what it does.
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Posted by visje @ 18:25 CST, 12 February 2004 - iMsg
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Another Female CS'er (52 comments)
Posted by visje @ 16:48 CDT, 2 August 2003 - iMsg
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