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[img1] duels (71 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 13:45 CDT, 28 August 2016 - iMsg
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g100s (39 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 11:35 CDT, 16 August 2016 - iMsg
So i bought this thing after many people told me it's good. The clicking, shape and when the sensor stops tracking when you lifting is good. Big problem is if i swipe it fast in one direction it goes crazy with negative accel and the cursor starts spinning. I'm using a brand new qck xxl as mousepad which works great with my crappy razer abyssus, which is bad at everything but allows me to do 180s at least. There's no firmware or driver or such i have to update.
So did i just get a crappy one or is there a way to avoid this neg accel craze?
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100 ping rapha vs aimbot (71 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 04:46 CDT, 31 July 2016 - iMsg
Here is some rare footage of a male Raffer in the wild preying on an unassuming noob.
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Rapha's QCon 2015 Demos (6 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 07:49 CDT, 15 June 2016 - iMsg
lookin for rapha demos from the whole duel event.
So far i found the ones on (only the finals) and apparently all the demos at some point were on this website: which now is something different.
Anybody has them, knows where to find em, knows if it's possible to find em?
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esl hall of fame (18 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 04:06 CDT, 30 March 2016 - iMsg
Apparently esl will do a esports hof with ppl so theres a good to fair chance some quake player will be in it. So i'm here to say
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Game Crashes (132 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 20:48 CDT, 30 October 2015 - iMsg
It happens every 20 minutes or so.
Name of the Event BEX
Name of the Module with Errors StackHash_0a9e
then i closed the report window by mistake. Any idea why?
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Team Combat Server (1 comment)
Posted by qwih @ 12:49 CDT, 29 July 2015 - iMsg
Were they an epic win? i always see a couple of them populated during the day and quite a lot in the evenings. I joined to see what's going on there and apparently it's full of brand new player fighting eachother. So were they an epic win because loadouts and such kept the experienced players away :D ?
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Overall tournament: who will win (3 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 14:45 CDT, 25 July 2015 - iMsg
1 ............... 42
2 Break the Curse ........... 41
3 Deliberate Murder ......... 41
4 Averagers .................... 40

Fazz VS Cooller
DaHang vs Evil
Tox vs Zorak

What can happen:
Tox wins 3-0: MD wins it all

Tox wins 2-1, DaHang\Cooller wins 3-0: two\three way tie

Tox loses, DaHang Wins 3-0
--Cooller Wins 3-0 = tie 102/Break
--Cooller wins 2-1 = Break wins
--Fazz wins = Break wins

Tox loses, DaHang Wins 2-1
--Cooller 3-0: 102 wins
--Cooller 2-1: Tie 102/Break
--Fazz wins 3-0: Tie AVG\Break
--Fazz wins 2-1: Break wins

Tox Loses, DaHang Loses
--Cooller Wins: 102 wins
--Fazz wins: AVG wins
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TOXIC is stream (106 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 19:21 CDT, 4 July 2015 - iMsg
Yep, Toxic is streaming! With coms! And he shared why he has that config for the binds in his first chat Q\A :DD
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Speedrn Q3A (21 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 03:31 CST, 24 November 2014 - iMsg
why isn't one of you no-life strafejump-around and-somehow-still-hitting highsens oldschoolers trying to speedrun this game and make a splash at the next AGDQ?

It'd be cool if there were proper games as well there.

I know it sounds like something Zoot could do but he is a strafejump-around and-somehow-still-missing lowsenser so he doesn't count.
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Awaiting Challenge (83 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 02:34 CDT, 6 October 2014 - iMsg
Let'sa await togetha
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K1llsen spotted! (56 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 20:03 CDT, 29 August 2014 - iMsg
I joined CA a server randomly and boom, b45h0r1z0r was HMGing my ass!

\o/ K 1 L L S E N <3 <3 <3
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renaming turbo suggestions (41 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 22:16 CDT, 27 August 2014 - iMsg
so pql is now called turbo. And it is dreadfull. It sounds like a dog name, and a bad one. So it's time to step up and come up with something decent ourselves.

first thing from the top of my head: Futuristic Quake
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Diddy Kay's top #12 world at QCon (81 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 19:13 CDT, 14 July 2014 - iMsg
1) Cypher
2) Raffer
3) Evil
4) Tox
5) Dahank
6) Strenx
7) Zero4
8) Spart1e
9) Dem3n
10) Chance because chance is intelligent!
11) Silent Pee (in contentio with ins)
12) Dick KreTin.

How much drunked was ddk from 1 to 10?
1 being Rapha 10 being Spart1e.

I'd say a solid 7: Unnamedtony.
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who the heck is yay0 ? (470 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 11:02 CDT, 24 June 2014 - iMsg

edit: various top ruussian players confirmed is a osp\qw oldschool player and not agent
Edited by qwih at 04:38 CDT, 29 August 2014 - 92877 Hits
Just Watched CS:GO DH Finals (50 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 18:42 CDT, 16 June 2014 - iMsg
Two or three things come to mind...

250k viewers in total, just FIVE THOUSANDS to the 2nd place? How's that possible

Do\did any of these CS pro play QL?

Game was a snorefest to me.. Ppl going nuts for some shots that looked like 1500 ca elo to me.. Maybe i just lack the knowledge to understand how deep the game is teamwise.
How is it possible that this game is so healthy compared to quake? Is it just a matter of accessibility and a slower pace? Quake was much much slower back in the days when Q3 was actually big.

Was spamming C O O L L E R in chat and nobody counter C O O L L E R'd :(
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BAN cg_forceenemymodel TANKJR (124 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 06:52 CDT, 7 April 2014 - iMsg
no, he doesn't cheat. But why allow such a model in competitive play? Or even in a fun environt
Edited by qwih at 07:42 CDT, 7 April 2014 - 23078 Hits
Typing Skills (31 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 14:57 CST, 4 January 2014 - iMsg
my best scores are 92 in english and 110 in Italian! come at me bros
Edited by qwih at 15:44 CST, 4 January 2014 - 7305 Hits
FaceSit Dule Nations Cup\Team Draft (17 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 13:28 CST, 30 December 2013 - iMsg
Make it happen!
Drop the regular cup for a while.
3 plrs per team, come up with some fun shit for the map picking and who plays who in a match. If you don't wanna do the NC: Do a draft! So no stacked teams. Example X top\high players want to play:

X/3=Y capitans
-Sort the capitans from worst to best
-Make them pick from the worst to best, 2nd round it's inverted
-if an all noobie team wants to sign up they are welcome.
-If an all high team wants to sign up they are assholes.
-If an high player fakenicks he and his teammates are banned forever and ever from quake itself, QL2.0 as well.
-After a bunch of tourneys you can do seedings based on the results.

Top player could actually help mid\low players if they want to win monies.
More uncertainity in the results = more fun
Cypher might actually lose a duel tourney lately (nerf cypher)
Team sports are fun.

48 players want to play. 9 of them are noobies\midtiers who want to play on their own for some reason.
Sort the Best 13 players from worst to best: This is gonna be the pick order

Make the seedings how the fuck you want to, teams should be already balanced.
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I can't come up with a proper title (9 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 10:53 CST, 7 December 2013 - iMsg
I had this dream

You wake up in this little city called Campgrounds, Texas. Everyone runs around with weapons and some retarded red armors, some people even look like they are blue. Immigration is very big in Texas these days, as you live next to a Mexican Guy with no drive to win but a bit of talent. Next door there's a wise old man, he's a russian with a very strong accent, apparently famous, as all kind of people go there. In every house there's always this tall english guy on TV all the time.. South of your house lives this strange couple, she's from NZ while he looks crazy and always busy.
Days pass by while you don't get at all what happened to your previous life, on sundays TV gives something else than the Russian Channel and TallGuyTV, even if it's always the same sport. There's always a lot of talk about the Dream 4, whatever that is, and some weekly medals you get in various cities to get qualified.

One morning, out of nowhere, the wise old guy comes to your house and asks for a favor. Turns out his name is Poloz and he wants to give you a weapon (welcome to Texas) if you help him. In his lab there are many people, the Mexican guy is there and a chubby belgian is looking around seemingly lost.. Given the choice between three weapons, you take the rocket launcher. Because real men use the rocket launcher. Then this guy called insan1/2 takes the LG, while chubby guy takes the Railgun (the name sounded like Dem3n and but you can't tell where he comes from, probably a worthless place).

Apparently some pretty stupid guys are trying to take over the nearby TV Station with force and Poloz needs help: the sheriff of the town isn't at home. These guys love to call themselves the Team Death Match and want to kidnap Tall Guy to get some of their people at the TV station, calling for a newcome of their favorites. They claim to be a huge organizzation, getting bigger each and every day. The guys talking said their names: Lamb and Vision, while Poloz knew the other two: BunnyF and Valium.

You are clearly the weak wheel, Poloz is old and you are getting smashed without any mercy.. Untill out of nowhere, the Russian look at the sky and screams "PASHA!!" a Big Guy comes flying in from above, calls for code 102: Deliberate Murder (Da faq? Noone's dead) and after 3 other guys come in they manage to save your ass, the TV station, Tall guy and ultimately the town.

After everything is done you get to know that the sheriff of the town (some Cooll guy) is there very rarely so others usually help him, and he's one of the guys you need to beat if you wanna try the Dream 5.
The name of the Town is Lost World.

After some heat talking in russian beween them, turns out that poloz saved your ass from a beating because he's well connected: you can't bring Railguns in Lost World. So you just get invited (strongly) to live the place and go to the next one... Aerowalk.

The lesson, as always: i played too much quake and pokemon
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Posted by qwih @ 20:17 CST, 25 November 2013 - iMsg
Who would you candidate:
I'll go fist with
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K1llsen vs Evil (15 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 06:05 CDT, 18 October 2013 - iMsg
Shit is next level. It's so fun to watch because these motherfuckers are like the only ones scaring eachother nowadays and they are forced to play in very odd ways :d

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FACEY FAIL SEASON: CUP #? (20 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 09:32 CDT, 13 October 2013 - iMsg
Once again the Facey cru will entertain you with some of the best
diddykisms and twitch chat retardation in Europe starting from 15:30ish CEST today on .

I don't remember who won last week and noone cares. The prize is 125$ and points for the season finale qualification.

TDM All Star and Facey Host United KingdomDan "diddy k" Kapadia is rumored to be joined by Unsetsomeone via EstoniaSkype somewhere in the future. Maybe.

Streme: United States of America
Notable Signups: PolandAv3k BelarusCypher RussiaAgent SwedenSpart1e LithuaniaGuard and Europesomeoneelse
Links: lol
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Raffer vs Evil. QCon2013 (34 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 16:29 CDT, 1 October 2013 - iMsg
I'm gonna overanalyze yet one more game.

This time is one from last awesome lan finals and what peoples's been calling the lucky one. The infamous LUST WARLD match between Raffer and Evil. Raffer's prospective this time, as i think everybody gets outaimed eventually and it's very interesting to see which fights he takes and which ones he avoids.

GG (c) av3k

Edit: added proper link and the link to the exact time on the clock and a couple of additional lines in the Final Toughts.

Sorry if i made some mistakes, but they're good for stimulating the conversation.

Hope you enjoyed it, comment, plus or fuck you.
See ya around.
Edited by qwih at 05:14 CDT, 2 October 2013 - 7064 Hits
latrommi's mouse DPI? (25 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 07:21 CDT, 1 September 2013 - iMsg
Yes, i'm opening a thread just to know this.

Added a photo of strenx's sorrounded by chicks but still looking at cooller |]
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Rapha's luck (112 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 16:55 CDT, 13 August 2013 - iMsg
I always read about this.
If it happens over and over and against everybody, how can it be luck?
Even last QCon: his "lucky rocket" on DM13 looked to me like he shot it a fraction of a second AFTER Evil jumped backwards...
How much is that luck?
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Maps and stuff. (55 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 15:53 CDT, 27 May 2013 - iMsg
This thread is about the neverending debate about the need of new maps, modifiy oldest ones and such.

I wanna know your take on these "new" maps:

1) How would DM13 be with a railgun? Where would you put it?
My guess: pretty Shitty. I'd put it where's plasma now.

2) Aerowalk without a Rail?
The map is very rail heavy, expecially on the lowers tiers. I'd put a PG there. I have no idea how the map would turn out.
And since we are there...

3) Aerowalk: Switch the GL and the LG spawn!
Goal is to make the YA spawn more balanced, force the man in control move more and you could deny that weapon when out of control.

4) DM6 with an extra YA next to the Uppers SG and an extra RL next to the Rail Jumpad?
Even if i probably overstated how unbalanced this map actually his, it's still pretty clear to me it is flawed.

5) ZTN without the RL?
It's hard to think of a big change on BloodRun, -RL should mean a more aggressive way to play the map.
Mby the mega spawning every 60 or 120 seconds too, making more important the health management?

Well that's it this time. If you have similar ideas for other maps you are welcome.
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Evil@DH (39 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 14:43 CDT, 10 April 2013 - iMsg
Hi everybody,

Here i want to talk about one of the most appealing topic in nowadays QL scene: the amount of tactical awerness and well-tought moves Evil uses in his game.

I'll start with his DHW matches as they are probably considered as the apex of his career since his comeback. His games vs Spart1e and Cypher had been casted by mr. Shane Hendrixson himself i tought it was a little bit anachronistic analyzing those. So i'll begin with Evil's game against Raffer in the DHW Finals, the first game of the match played on ZTN.

I wanted to make this thing a vocal commentary but then i realized it would take me forever to learn how to record and after i estimated something like 40+ mins content out of a single ZTN map, i knew it would take roughly 779532617845196478126467234951 hours to upload the file on youtube.


First of all i have to clarify a couple of things:
I have no rights to talk about these players mistakes and moves, my goal is to fuel some discussions and do something with the free time Italian econimical situation gives me, but i think most of the tactical moves are very very hard to do ingame but can be analyzed a little better afterwards, even by some fan like me. I'm not an expert by any means anyway.


i'll make other analysis on the other final games sooner or later, this thing took me forever because i took all the notes on paper.
So meanwhile discuss, insult or TL:DR.
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DH won't drop QL (69 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 22:33 CDT, 17 March 2013 - iMsg
So James 2GD Harding said live on FaceItTv DH won't drop Quake! And we know he and hellspawn are a couple.

I'll do a "Rodeo" next week to celebrate. Very few ppl know what i mean :D
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CUTIE QUAKE (5 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 05:21 CST, 3 March 2013 - iMsg
Ok esr ppls i'm proud to introduce you to the most skilled fps game besides Quake Live\4\3\2.


Rules are simple:
You get hit by an Egg with a railgun, you lose points.
you miss a shot, you lose points.
You hit an arm, you get few points.
You hit the body, you get some points.
You hit an HeadShot: $$$$$$$$$$.

It's like CS:GO but with skill involved.
Since it's a true hardcore game you won't be able to turn off the music.

You are allowed to show your best scores only using screenshots.
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January Standard Rotation (35 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 01:57 CST, 7 January 2013 - iMsg
Beyond Reality (CTF)
Chemical Reaction
Dreadful Place
Fallout Bunker (CTF)
Furious Heights
Industrial Accident (CTF)
Infinity (CTF)
Japanese Castles (CTF)
Realm of Steel Rats
Somewhat Damaged
Space Chamber
Space CTF (CTF)
Spider Crossings (CTF)
Stonekeep (CTF)

3 good duel maps :OOO
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RJ from lower LG Ammo to RA - Hub (28 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 22:53 CST, 10 December 2012 - iMsg
saw Evil doing this RJ against uaReaper

found it very interesting and i never saw it before.
Is it new? More importantly, is it usefull?
Most importantly, why these ua guys keep type UA in their name?
Edited by qwih at 23:25 CST, 10 December 2012 - 4278 Hits
November 2012 Standard Rotation (29 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 01:43 CST, 5 November 2012 - iMsg
The November 2012 Standard arena rotation is now online. On the first Monday of each month, we will be cycling the Standard arena pool. Rather than only having access to the same standard arenas day in and day out, each month we will now feature 21 arenas selected as playable for Standard-level matches.

Newly released arenas will remain exclusive for at least three months, but every other arena is eligible to be included in the cycle.

Standard Map Pool:
Start date: Nov. 5, 2012
End date: Dec. 3, 2012

Canned Heat
Concrete Palace
Longest Yard
Nameless Place
Realm of Steel Rats
Window Pain
Windsong Keep
Base Siege (CTF)
Camper Crossings (CTF)
Distant Screams (CTF)
Jumpwerkz (CTF)
Stronghold (CTF)
Troubled Waters (CTF)

Mother of God.......
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October 2012 Standard Rotation (76 comments)
Posted by qwih @ 03:17 CDT, 1 October 2012 - iMsg
October 2012 Standard Rotation SITE NEWS | Sep 30, 2012 | sponge

The October 2012 Standard arena rotation is now online. On the first Monday of each month, we will be now be cycling the Standard arena pool. Rather than only having access to the same standard arenas day in and day out, each month we will now feature 21 arenas selected as playable for Standard-level matches.

Newly released arenas will remain exclusive for at least three months, but every other arena is eligible to be included in the cycle.

Standard Map Pool:
Start date: Oct. 1, 2012
End date: Nov. 15, 2012

Almost Lost
Beyond Reality (CTF)
Black Cathedral
Double Impact (CTF)
Duelling Keeps (CTF)
Electric Head
Eye to Eye
Heros Keep
Inner Sanctums (CTF)
Lost World
Proving Grounds
Reflux (CTF)
Seams and Bolts
Shining Forces (CTF)

I'd say a better mappool then last month.
4 playable duel maps (Almost Lost World, Hektik and Dismemberment)!
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