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New keyboard technology with customizable actuation point (22 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 23:00 CDT, 30 May 2019 - iMsg

Do you think this has potential?
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Wolfenstein: The New Order (74 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 09:35 CDT, 7 May 2013 - iMsg
New Wolfenstein title coming!;Slot1

Some known facts :
- Release in Q4 2013
- Based on id tech 5
- More information on GameSpot in the coming days
- Jimi Hendrix's music is still awesome

There is no gameplay footage yet. The only thing we know is that this title "reimagines this franchise in ways both horrifying and dramatic".

We shall wait and see.

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QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 15 (162 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 00:04 CST, 18 December 2012 - iMsg
There's more than the season to be jolly around here at the QUAKE LIVE World Headquarters, this season also marks the 15th anniversary of Quake II. What better time than now, and with the 15th Premium Pak no less, to celebrate the release of Quake II with the Quake II themed Premium Pak. We've got both seasons in mind with these new arenas: two deathmatch arenas from the original Quake II, a brand new TDM arena with a Strogg theme, and finally a brand new CTF arena set in the snow.

We are also launching public PQL Clan Arena servers available to both Premium and Pro players. These are now available in most locations in tiered and unrestricted variations.

Links: Announcement
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Quake II Game Night (4 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 20:08 CST, 7 December 2012 - iMsg
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New NVIDIA drivers to double performance (6 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 16:25 CST, 6 November 2012 - iMsg
...on Linux.

Has anyone tested these new R310 drivers?
If you dual boot; how do performances compare on the Windows equivalent of the games you play on Linux now? How was it before?
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Harmonium (No comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 03:03 CDT, 25 October 2012 - iMsg
I know the Quake community is fairly old and some may have been there back in 1975. To those I'd like to ask if this album from my province ever reached you :

I believe that songs mainly based on the lyrics may not pass the language barrier. I don't give a crap about lyrics anyway so I never liked that stuff, which sadly represents most of the "music" made in French Canada.

However, this album is different : the music is awesome. Therefor I wonder if despite the different language it ever got popular around you or at least if you've heard of it.

I want answers from all over the world! :D
Even if it's to say no :(.

But if you never listened to it and generally like prog rock, plug your speakers, take a book, sit back and relax for 40 minutes; you won't regret it. And if anyone here speaks another language (than English of course) and knows awesome music that can be appreciated without understanding the lyrics, please share it with us!
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QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 14 (231 comments)
Posted by FlashSoul @ 12:29 CDT, 23 October 2012 - iMsg
QUAKE LIVE's Premium Pak 14, is now online. This update adds new Holiday content, including the Infected gametype modifier, which is also freely available for all players through Halloween as well as permanently available for our Pro Start-a-Match users. Accompanied with the update is the addition of five new arenas, including a brand new Duel arena making it's debut and three highly acclaimed Maverick Server Mapping contest winners.

Links: Announcement
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