I know the Quake community is fairly old and some may have been there back in 1975. To those I'd like to ask if this album from my province ever reached you :

I believe that songs mainly based on the lyrics may not pass the language barrier. I don't give a crap about lyrics anyway so I never liked that stuff, which sadly represents most of the "music" made in French Canada.

However, this album is different : the music is awesome. Therefor I wonder if despite the different language it ever got popular around you or at least if you've heard of it.

I want answers from all over the world! :D
Even if it's to say no :(.

But if you never listened to it and generally like prog rock, plug your speakers, take a book, sit back and relax for 40 minutes; you won't regret it. And if anyone here speaks another language (than English of course) and knows awesome music that can be appreciated without understanding the lyrics, please share it with us!