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r_mode and lagometer (20 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 19:47 BST, 4 October 2013 - iMsg
Can anyone tell me why 1600x900 in ql gives me a smooth lagometer, but 1920x1080(native) makes it warpy?
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Standup Comedy (58 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 16:59 BST, 26 June 2013 - iMsg
So which ones do you love and hate? Or rather which types of standup do you love and hate? I hate observational comedy like "have you noticed the difference between men and women/blacks and whites". Notice the distinction between comedians and types of standup btw. I wanna stab Seinfeld in the face any time I hear his voice and even though I find Louis CK equally unfunny I like his personality. I love one-liners(Dave Attell, Jimmy Carr, Anthony Jeselnik) and coherent social commentators like Carlin, Hicks, Stanhope, Bill Burr, David Cross and Chappelle. To the people with similar tastes I'd recommend Andy Andrist and Daniel Kitson and Myq Kaplan is my recent addition to the one-liners list. So which are yours? Comic, album/performance, joke? Go!
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tilde problem on win7 (24 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 13:30 GMT, 23 December 2012 - iMsg
Just installed win7 and in defrag(been told it happens in ql to some people too) at random when I press tilde it will drop the console and enter the symbol too. Super annoying. Help!
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Does anybody else.. (46 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 15:11 BST, 24 June 2012 - iMsg
..feel uncomfortable without vedic?
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of mice and jitters (31 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 11:49 BST, 25 March 2012 - iMsg

This is the second time my abyssus shows me it's otherworldly powers, but this time I managed to recreate the situation and film it. It is moving and jittering all on its own. It happens when I place it on a specific part of the pad (QPAD CT). It also jitters when I move the mouse on that part of the pad. It hasn't been a problem for me ingame as it seems to jitter when I move the mouse very slowly but ofcourse it's very unnerving to know your mouse is going crazy under any conditions. I don't realistically expect much help as I've never seen anyone else with this problem but I remember some of you were saying that you had your abyssus start jittering after a year or something and suggested cleaning the lense. Did that help at all? Also some of you who have an abyssus and a qpad(h8m3) may wanna try to recreate this.
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mouse problems(usb related) (19 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 22:02 BST, 8 July 2011 - iMsg
k, I just bought an abyssus and I am having some problems with actually making it run

the issue is this: I plug the mouse, it lights up, but it doesn't actually work (installing the razer drivers makes no difference)

when I switch the usb ports the mouse works for about 2 seconds while the "razer abyssus" tray sign is on and as soon as the "your new hardware is installed and ready to use" sign loads up it halts again (light is still up)

I have had this problem with all my mice(IE3, G1, razer DB) but somehow I managed to work around it in the past and never touch anything again

so the problem lies within the usb

I am running XP sp3 32bit


P.S.: even with the razer drivers installed and the device up in device manager the hardware tab in "mouse" in control panel is empty
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Why has Jamerio never bragged about (65 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 01:04 BST, 25 April 2010 - iMsg
... having a girlfriend?
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Cooller is pathetic (50 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 22:29 GMT, 25 January 2010 - iMsg
"If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time." Phil Hellmuth

"If I should have the same luck like avek or cypher for example... I would be like champion like 10 years" Cooller
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Do you play q3 (7 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 18:31 GMT, 17 November 2009 - iMsg
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HAL_9000 -vs- Fox (5 comments)
Posted by Nzr0 @ 15:26 GMT, 20 December 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8 (2 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: HAL_9000
Version info: 1.46
How to play back Q3 demos

22, 22, a bit of 22 and a 24

first 22 is

all HAL's pov in a single demo
Edited by Nzr0 at 16:43 GMT, 20 December 2008 - 5813 Hits
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