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look at this shit. (8 comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:28 CDT, 13 September 2019 - iMsg
QC up to date in steam
login w/ mail

ok, login w/ username

edit : had to log into the website to fix it, go figure...

QL up to date in steam
menu is bugged, can't click on shit

this site is as dead as the "inline img" upload thingy is rotten
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quake (12 comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:09 CST, 17 November 2018 - iMsg
Tried QC, was shitty cause of champions unbalance, rotten at its core. Rocket mod was a bit of fun though, since it kinda got rid of aforementioned, but the brainless tired me
Then it poped: "classic" quake is obviously better. Tried to launch QL... so much pain trying to join a server like it's past century bs checks, cba
I know quake is dead because 60Hz sucks, but come on...
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how comes the sound (14 comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:39 CST, 3 February 2012 - iMsg
is so fucking bad
there is no z axis to it at all
or whatever makes it sounds like subpar 1996 fps
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but I was ready to rock... (26 comments)
Posted by wata @ 13:53 CDT, 12 April 2011 - iMsg

havn't launch ql in months
bugged piece of crap
unexpected at this point, not surprised either though
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hey syncerror (35 comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:17 CST, 7 February 2011 - iMsg
wanna make more money selling premium/pro accounts ?
make a happy hours with premium/pro content open to all, once a day, or once a week, or something
just like you do now to be forgiven of downtime
you already knew that idea ? y u no do it ?
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mouses using flawless sensors (681 comments)
Posted by wata @ 06:51 CST, 24 January 2011 - iMsg
And by flaw I mean unremovable prediction (aka angle-snapping, drift control) or acceleration, or z-axis bug, or whatever else is fucked up for a gaming mouse in my opinion.

I'd like to make a list of these OK gaming mouses, care to help ?
So far the list is :

3 buttons :
-Microsoft WMO 1.1 (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
-Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04). Out of the market.
-Razer Abyssus (Avago ADNS-S3888). (Beware : the older firmwares create a jittering issue ; as Abyssus firmware can't be updated, you have to buy a recent enough model, loaded with one of the newer firmwares which fix the jittering)
edit 11/11 : beware

5 buttons :
-Microsoft IMO 1.1 (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
-Microsoft IME 3.0 (STMicroelectronics OS MLT 04).
-Razer Deathadder 3G (Avago ADNS-S3668). (you may have to update the firmware to remove prediction)
-Razer Deathadder 3.5G (Avago ADNS-S3888). (you may have to update the firmware to fix a jittering issue)
So far odds are DA 3G sensor > DA 3.5G

7 buttons :
-Cooler Master Storm Spawn (Avago ADNS-3090). (Jittering fixed since firmware 30a ; high LoD fixed by firmwares 31 and 32, but it may have introduced some tracking issues with certain surfaces. Note : CM's tech team seems pretty active.)
edit 18/01/12 : beware

8 buttons :
-Logitech G400 (Avago 3095)
Important : The first generation of G400 are shipped with an Avago 3080E sensor (or not : see here) which has prediction ; to avoid it buy a G400 with a PID above LZ13333 (located under the mouse), which packaging is different (see Chris_P -from the Logitech Team- statement here) by having a Logitech sticker looking like that (supposedly ; good luck).

Mouses without prediction (or which can be removed), but suspected of having other flaws :
-Logitech G9 (Avago ADNS-6090). Skipping ?
-Logitech G9x, Logitech G500 (Avago ADNS-S9500). Positive acceleration.
-Steelseries Xai, Steelseries WoW Cataclysm (Avago ADNS-A9500). Positive acceleration ?
-ROCCAT Kone+ (Avago ADNS-9500). Positive acceleration ?
-Mionix Naos 5000 (Avago ADNS-9500). Positive acceleration ?
-Razer Mamba, Razer Naga, Razer Imperator, Razer Disney TRON (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2032). Z-axis issue - video.
-Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 7, Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 9 (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2032). Z-axis issue. Click bug ?
-Razer Lachesis, Razer Orochi (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). Z-axis issue.
-Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 5 (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). Z-axis issue.
-Cooler Master Storm Inferno (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). Z-axis issue.
-Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS BLACK (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2031). Z-axis issue.
-Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance (Philips Twin Eye PLN 2302). Z-axis issue. Click bug ?

Mouses without prediction (or which can be removed) yet to be proven flawless :
-Razer Deathadder 3.5G Black Edition (Avago ADNS-S3888, separated firmwares from the 3.5G though).
-PureTrak Valor (Avago ADNS-3090).'s thread. (edit 18/01/12 : the thread is 156 pages huge and so I don't have the courage to check what's the final verdict with this one. From a glance there seems to be some issues, if someone wanna dig in and report back that would be cool)
-Zowie AM (Avago ADNS-3090).'s thread1-2, anon's infos & thoughts.
-Zowie MiCO (PixArt PAN3305DK-H). (Note : quite low perfect control speed limit ? (1.27m/s))
edit 18/01/12 : reported having some prediction ; I'm gonna wait confirmation it can't/won't be removed by a driver update before erasing it.

Give relevant informations in the comments and I'll add them.

Relevant links :
-Skylit's awesome OCN Mouse Sensor Reference and Performance sheet (reporting, among other technical datas, which mouses have prediction).
-Optical Mouse technology review, by Richard L. Owens.
-worthless information about your worthless mouse.
-ESReality MouseScore 2007.
-Interface Device Wiki.
-Avago site.
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quake 3 with a joypad (19 comments)
Posted by wata @ 05:09 CDT, 15 October 2010 - iMsg
Hey id, you have to put an embedded aimbot in your quake 3 console's port, like every other developers do, else you get this shooter nonsense :

And while you're a it, give them PK's bunnyhoping, nobody can strafe-jump with a joypad ; else it's not a fast-paced fps anymore but a dull snails fest.
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your q3 dlc (46 comments)
Posted by wata @ 03:19 CDT, 30 September 2010 - iMsg
do you enjoy it ?
24€ to rent for one year a 10 years old free game, coming in kit form ; one year and a day later, 48€ and you still don't possess it, and so on
I don't get it
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Gaming communities directory (100 comments)
Posted by wata @ 04:42 CDT, 18 August 2010 - iMsg
Out of curiosity I'd like to know each game or genre main community site -and others related to video games :

-Quake/fast FPS : Obviously here
-QuakeWorld :
-Quake 2 : Q2scene, (NA)
-War§ow :, (NA)
-Unreal Tournament : UnrealNorth
-TF2 : ETF2L, Vanilla TF2, CommunityFortress (NA)
-Wolfenstein ET/RtCW :, (Replays and ETTV)
-CS 1.6 :, GotFrag
-CS:S :
-CoD 4 : TEK9 Networks
-Armed Assault : Armaholic

-RTS :
-Starcraft : Team Liquid, GosuGamers
-Warcraft 3 : WCReplays
-DotA : GosuGamers DotA
-Heroes of Newerth : HONCAST.COM
-League of Legend : Leaguecraft

Others :
-RPG : RPG codex
-Text-based MUDs : The Mud Connector
-Oblivion : The Elder Scrolls Nexus
-Fallout 3 : Fallout 3 Nexus
-Adventure games/Point & click : Adventure Gamers
-MMO : Massively,
-WoW : MMO-Champion,, Elitist Jerks
-Flight simulations : AVSIM Online
-Racing : SimRacingWorld
-Mechwarrior : MekTek Development

Arcade - Consoles :
-Fighting games : Shoryuken
-Virtua Fighter : VFDC
-The King of Fighters : Orochinagi
-Tekken : Tekken Zaibatsu
-Shoot Them Up : ShMUPS
-Tetris : Tetrisconcept
-Jazz Jackrabbit : Jazz 2 Online
-Machines/Brands : JAMMA+ (Arcade), Arcade Otaku (Arcade, needs registration), NintendoAGE

Video games related :
-Streaming : Games Cast TV (Esport), H2kTV (Esport), Livestream (General), USTREAM (General), Tastyspleen (Q2, Quake-like), Level Up TV (QL), (QL), Quake Live TV (QL), (SC2)
-Speedruns/High scores : Speed Demos Archive, TASVideos (CheatedTool assisted), Twin Galaxies (Console/Arcade/MAME), MARP (MAME), HARP (All other emulators), Classic Arcade Gaming
-Gaming movies :, own3D
-Replays/Demos : CyberFight.Org
-eSport : Rakaka (Swedish), (German), Fragster (German, QL-CS-SC-DotA), Against All Authority (French), ...
-Mapping : Func_Msgboard
-Modding : Mod DB
-Demoscene : Pouët,
-Keyboards/mouses : geekhack forums

Etc, I'll add your entries.

N. B. "NA" goes for "North America".
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hey dird (4 comments)
Posted by wata @ 13:09 CDT, 6 August 2010 - iMsg
is there an ok random asian language <> english traduction site yet ?
(I was watching ustream, tried google trad on jap stuff, it sucked)

how comes babel fish isn't out yet, lazy devs or doing useless stuff ; the earth is round, I wanna know how to spell lmao out there too
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quake 4 (12 comments)
Posted by wata @ 16:34 CDT, 29 July 2010 - iMsg
its gameplay is as fun as its engine is awful

long time no play, weeeee slides
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if religious folks played quake (22 comments)
Posted by wata @ 02:37 CDT, 18 June 2010 - iMsg
muslims would be ragequitters
christians would be the noobs alltime getting owned (especially by nailgun) but nonetheless coming back for more
jews would be players doing good and getting kicked for cheat suspicion
buddhists would be spectators
they would all play CA
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maps (12 comments)
Posted by wata @ 09:14 CDT, 26 April 2010 - iMsg
I was wondering why they don't fix the already existing maps ; moving some items, modifying a bit some parts of the layout, etc. this kind of quick work could really quite easily improve the existing maps, at least turn the average one into something playable

well, could it simply be that the bandwidth cost, each time they would modify and test any gameplay change, would be too important in the distance ; iirc they have to upload the entire .pk3, which muliplied by the number of players could be cost heavy bandwidth-wise for a game that doesn't create any income so far
if so, then they should code a way to make incremental updates to .pk3, instead of uploading the entire map each time, to save bandwidth, right ? (didn't the hire arqon the super -and controversial- coder ?)

appropriate icon cause it's a failure too
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Posted by wata @ 11:08 CST, 10 March 2010 - iMsg
reborn the [-]
this way

yup, it's the secret better theme
someone must have the keys to code this, it's a 5 minutes job
for trolling sake

(edited the image, it missed the [-] bar)
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how many fps do your eyes see ? (87 comments)
Posted by wata @ 04:21 CST, 3 December 2009 - iMsg
thought about that remembering a physics class experiment : it was a disk with a line drew like that :

the disk is spinning from its center, and you have a remote to vary the spinning speed
when starting spinning the disk, the line would obviously become harder and harder to see, until you cannot distinguish it at all ; but reaching a certain speed value (or a multiple of it btw) you would see the line, which at some point would even appear static, etc
I guess you all have experienced this, at least eg watching on a speedway a running car's wheel rims seeming to become static at a certain speed
or see this vid with the same thing going on : (a multiple of) the cam's fps rate matches the heli's rotor's revolutions per second :

can't we find our own eye fps limit using this and settle this shit once and for all ?

ps : wrote like crap cause I felt like to, sry
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lolol (12 comments)
Posted by wata @ 17:08 CST, 5 November 2009 - iMsg
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Call of Consoles : modem warfail (8 comments)
Posted by wata @ 06:10 CST, 4 November 2009 - iMsg
no dedicated servers -at all- confirmed
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about stairs (58 comments)
Posted by wata @ 06:38 CDT, 3 June 2009 - iMsg
I hate stairs in QL, because they can randomly kill player's momentum ; why don't they use instead -most of the time- inclined planes (mind that the visual aspect of stairs could be kept) ? or find another workaround ?
I guess there is a reason but I dunno much about q3/ql physics engine ; so, what's the problem ?
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this fucking kiddy server browser (14 comments)
Posted by wata @ 14:49 CDT, 29 May 2009 - iMsg
is getting on my nerves
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2nd week's map : syberia (ctf) (11 comments)
Posted by wata @ 11:53 CDT, 27 May 2009 - iMsg
looks cool so far on a mindless fun's public server point of view, and original
maybe too much PUs in base, RA could be replaced by a YA imo, or something
I hope it won't turn into rg camping fest in middle room (with runes it would for sure)
gl could be a bit more in a central path imo, it's not really worth it to full stop to take such a weapon in this large rooms map when rushing middle, yet I'd like to spam it more often
and the nailgun is fun

so thanks id ; now if you could get rid of the runes on the TA maps and throw away scornforge (or do something about flag rooms), it would be really nice to play ctf in ql
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looks promising (8 comments)
Posted by wata @ 03:59 CST, 28 January 2009 - iMsg
so, syncerror, where is my circle/strafe-jumping tutorial in quake live ?
you really want this as your main typical player and mod ?
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crysis mp free week end (No comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:34 CDT, 10 October 2008 - iMsg
crysis mp is free this week end
gotta dl a ~5GB client
TDM and Power Struggle are playable (power struggle is kind of like bf2 -too confused imo, needs too much teamplay to be fun on pubs- ; tdm is fun with the suit's special powers and worth the try/dl)
having a strong pc is a plus to enjoy this game ; gameplay > graphics, yet great graphics are enjoyable ofc, especially with crysis

all infos here :

sorry didn't have motivation to make a real news, if someone feels like it, go
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walk of worcroft as evolv (No comments)
Posted by wata @ 18:08 CDT, 27 August 2008 - iMsg
tru form

super efective
fuck thizs keyboard
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mapping question (5 comments)
Posted by wata @ 08:45 CDT, 23 August 2008 - iMsg
I'd like to how much the use of the "same texture but scaled differently many times" would impact performances
e.g. if instead of using the same scale for a wall texture, I scale it differently on each brush it's applied on in order to fit it
how much would it impact performances and why ? would it requiers more gpu power or vram or both ?
basically I wanna know if I can go me-no-care-mod with this when I map or if I have to be aware of some limits about using scaled textures
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free mp games = fail (3 comments)
Posted by wata @ 08:38 CDT, 27 March 2008 - iMsg
because there isn't any risk at cheating, just create another account
because punkbuster is a placebo, and everybody knows it since years
cheaters ruin wolf:et, cheaters ruin pirated cod4 servers, cheaters will ruin battlefield heroes, cheaters will ruin quake live (no wait, it's already commiting epic fail itself)

dunno if there is a way to prevent that
hardware pieces ban based thingy ? could be bypassed anyway
everybody plays cops on servers and kick/ban on sight ? 1984 style, gonna be fun, good vibes, only works in small communities anyway

all aboard the new failboat (let me tell you about)

and now for something totally different :
bought ut3, dm/tdm is surprizingly fun and nervous
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Quake Live (181 comments)
Posted by wata @ 07:48 CDT, 12 March 2008 - iMsg
Mass newcomers to old vQ3! Im a believer: 40% (107)

CPM movements owns vq3 anyway: 37% (98)

I already own Q3 and got more mods/maps: 12% (33)

War§ow anyone?: 7.1% (19)

Quake sux, Kwari ftw: 2.2% (6)

Awesome I never played Q3, way to try it: 1.9% (5)

It seems Quake Live could basicaly be a vQ3 copy. What do you think of it?
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olol texas (25 comments)
Posted by wata @ 07:40 CDT, 1 October 2007 - iMsg
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I'm so leet I shit breeks (41 comments)
Posted by wata @ 10:32 CDT, 1 August 2007 - iMsg
I'm so uber3leet I quote myself :

"oh I forgot the bestest ever : all hail to the dumb part of a certain game community who think they are playing an elitist game but actually they are just playing an average arcade game like there was tons from the start of video game history, a game shipped without any indication about how to perform the essential special movements which make it soooo elitist in dumbasses mouths

let's take a look at an average dumbass :

leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet dumbass leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet leet.

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Quake 4 goes streamed DivX (144 comments)
Posted by wata @ 19:17 CDT, 7 June 2007 - iMsg
I encoded and then uploaded on Stage6 Stage6 a bunch of entertaining Quake 4 duels, and a few cool TDMs too. All videos are 640*480 and 40fps DivX encoded at 4Mb/s.

Here's a snapshot taster :

You will need to install the DivX Web Player in order to play these videos.

So, here is the menu :
WSVG 2006 - Fatal1ty (POV) vs Toxic on Placebo Effect
WSVG 2006 - Cooller (POV) vs Stermy on Phrantic
WSVG 2006 - Fatal1ty (POV) vs Cooller on Monsoon
WCG 2006 - Toxic (POV) vs Fojji on Placebo Effect

ClanBase ECXV - FOE (POV fojji) vs qah on Over the Edge
ClanBase ECXV - Dignitas (POV r2k) vs DkH on Sandstorm
WCG 2006 - Toxic/Ztrider (POV toxic) vs Fox/Fatal1ty on The Fragging Yard

recently added:
-BatWagon has encoded and uploaded :
·two demos from the 40th 4q4 Cup, both being shoutcasted by ReDeYe :
Quarter final : ahzaz (POV) vs Hell on Monsoon
Final : GaRpY (POV) vs winz on Phrantic
·two demos from the recent WSVG 2007 Louisville stop :
Upper bracket's round 1 : GaRpY (POV) vs cooller on Ravage
Grand final, 2nd set : av3k (POV) vs Toxic on Placebo Effect
Note : these videos run at 30 fps and were encoded at 3Mb/s ; they weigh 290MB each.
-From me :
Toxic (POV) vs Av3k on Monsoon (WSVG 2007, Louisville' stop, finals set 2), with shoutcasters
Toxic (POV) vs Av3k on Phrantic (WSVG 2007, Louisville' stop, finals set 1)
-From f-jay :
·numerous ESWC 2007 demos :
Purri (POV) vs Forever on Torment
Cooller (POV) vs Winz on Monsoon
Winz (POV) vs Purri on Placebo
Av3k (POV) vs Cooller on Monsoon
Av3k (POV) vs Cooller on Phrantic
and also from the WSVG Dallas stop :
·Upper bracket final :
Cypher (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon
·Grand final :
Toxjq (POV) vs Cypher on Monsoon
Toxjq (POV) vs Cypher on Phrantic
·A bit of Quake 3 : czm (POV) vs Cooller - CPL Winter 2006
-klaasklapper brings some QuakeWorld !
·Reload (POV) vs Venom on DM2
·some air rox fun with paradoks (POV) and crazymac
-Drexciyian brings some quake 2 !
·DaHang (POV) vs Purri on ZTN2DM3 - QuakeCon 2007
-From f-jay some of the QuakeCon 2007 final matches :
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on proDM6 (Quake 3)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on Phrantic (Quake 4)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Fojji on Monsoon (Quake 4, deciding map)
-At last some CTF :
·#quake4all (POV fojji) vs #spontanq4ctf on Ruiner
-f-jay on an WSVG toronto's encoding spree :
Finals :
·Dahang (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon (1st map)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Dahang on Monsoon (3rd map)
·Toxjq (POV) vs Dahang Torment (5th map)
Others :
·Dahang (POV) vs Cypher on Placebo
·Cooller (POV) vs Chance on Placebo
·Cooller (POV) vs Av3k on Monsoon
·Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k on Phrantic

-Aquashark brings two QuakeWorld frag movie :
·kyu one - by nylon
·Mortuality - by pez
-Another huge amount of videos by f-jay :
·From i32 (Nov 2007) :
Grand final : Av3k (POV) vs Toxjq on Monsoon & Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k Phrantic
Upper bracket finals : Toxjq (POV) vs Av3k Phrantic
Lower Bracket Round 5 : Cypher (POV) vs Dahang on Monsoon (map 2) & Cypher vs Dahang on Placebo (map 3)
Lower Bracket Round 4 : Dahang (POV) vs Chance on Monsoon
·From ASUS Autumn 2007 :
Grand final : Cooller (POV) vs Cypher on ZTN (map 1) & Cooller (POV) vs Cypher on ZTN (map 2)
Lower Bracket Round 7 : Cooller (POV) vs Jibo on Nodm9

Bonus :
Vitality (killat0n's Frag Movie)
Cooller's revenge (I didnt uploaded it in the first time because it's not a great match ; but it's still fun to watch.)
A shortcoolfragmovie from LuCky Lu

Thanks to AnthonyJ, Hemostick, and a bunch of guys on IRC who helped me for the demo encoding process.

Here is a quick cheap tutorial on how to make these videos.

Here is the hud I used ; unzip and copy zzz-modifiedHUD.pk4 in the folders of the mods which you want them to use this hud.
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Quake 4 Connection Guide (30 comments)
Posted by wata @ 15:29 CST, 26 February 2007 - iMsg
The goal of this thread is to teach you to improve Quake 4's fluidity without having too much unpleasant secondaries effects.

There are 2 reasons why you could have some visual "freezes" :
·Not having a sufficient bandwidth (upload and/or download bandwidth) : this will result in Packet Loss, and so in lag.
·Pings in Quake 4 are jumping a lot ; this means informations arn't coming at a steady speed. Packets which are late will cause lag unless you configure Quake 4 to predict frames.

Note : As a player you are a "client" (you are in the clientside, opposed to serverside)

Menu :
1) Connection tools
2) Connection cvars
3) Some usefull binds
4) Q4TV settings

1) Connection tools :

The lagometer draws two lines :
Bottom yellow line (1) : Amount of Packet Loss (PL)
This will result in lag ; higher is the spike, the more packet have been lost during this time interval.

Upper yellow/green line : Frames rendering
Yellow (2) : Count of frames "predicted behind the server", in other words : they are late (client had to wait longer than usual to receive updates from server ; the cause may be pings jumps or PL).
Green (3) : Count of frames predicted ahead the server (these are predicted frames).
Basically what you need is no green nor yellow.

Notes :
-The cvar "net_clientLagOMeterResolution" modify the lagometer upper line ordinate resolution ; it can be set from 16 (default) to 1 (more accurate).
-The lagometer could (or not) cause some light fps drops.


·out rate/in rate : your uploading/downloading speed to/from the server ; if it reaches your connection limits, you will experience PL (throw away your old 56k modem) and you'll have to increase net_clientUsercmdPacking.
·packet loss : Informations travel in packets and some packets can be lost along the way (because of network disruption or insufficient bandwidth)
·client prediction : current amount of clientside prediction
·predicted frames : number of predicted frames at the moment

Note : B means byte ; byte (B) = octet (o) = 8 bits (b)

*com_showfps - hud_fps
"com_showfps" display the number of frames rendered per second ; Q4max's players can use "hud_fps" which is a better implementation of com_showFPS.
Usefull when you have freezes to know if it's just your PC that cannot handle the game's graphics, or if it may be lag.

2) Connection cvars :
Note : "net_clientPrediction" and "net_clientmaxprediction" are the important values and may be set everytime you enter a server, oppositely to "net_clientUserCmdBackup", "net_clientUserCmdBackup" and "net_clientUsercmdPacking" which should be set only one time.

·Definition : Amount of prediction (in milliseconds) added (or subtracted, when using negative numbers) to the already existing gameworld clientside prediction (e.g. other players movements predictions).
·Increasing it :
-Advantage : Less lags (If an information from the server is missing -lost or late-, the frame would have been already created by prediction : no freeze).
-Disadvantage : Frames can be wrongly predicted ; i.e. the more you set it high, the more you'll experience ghost hitting (that's when you plain hit a player, but it doesn't register damage : your PC -clientside- was drawing by prediction a player but he actually wasn't at this location on the serverside)

-Advice : Increase net_clientPrediction until you arn't experiencing lags anymore ; then counterbalance the disadvantage of clientPrediction by lowering "net_clientmaxprediction" (see below).

Note : It can be preferable to have more lags and less prediction ; you will have to find your favourite balance between having lags and hitting ghosts.

·Definition : It cap the client prediction ; it is set by default to 1000ms (useless at this setting). Basically it's a gate : any frame predicted ahead from this gate will be cancelled and recalculate later.
·Decreasing it :
-Advantage : It will cancel frames predicted too much ahead (the more ahead frames are predicted, the more erroneous they could be).
-Disadvantage : If you lower it too much you'll experience the worst lags ever.
-Advice : Lower it until you reach the "worst lags ever"-barrier, then increase it a bit (e.g. 10ms ; it'll depends of how high your ping is jumping).

·Definition : Determines how may duplicate movement/action commands are sent, range is 1 to 5. If a packet gets lost then a 'backup' command may still be received. You can reduce uploading bandwidth usage by lowering this at the expense of possibly losing a movement/action packet.
·Increasing it :
-Advantage : Reduces Packet Loss.
-Disadvantage : Increases amount of used client's uploading bandwidth.
-Advice : Set it to 1 if you arn't experiencing PL.

·Definition : Client->server traffic is sent once every net_clientUsercmdPacking frames. This reduces the client->server traffic, and increases the predict ahead slightly.
·Increasing it :
­Advantage : Lower amount of used client uploading bandwidth.
-Disadvantage : Increases client prediction.
-Advice : Set it to 1 if your uploading connection speed allows it.

·definition : Set as bytes per second. It controls packets so that your downstream connection bandwidth does not get saturated. Defaults to 10000 (10KB/s) for ISDN, 16000 (16KB/s) for ADSL/Cable and 25600 (25.6KB/s) for LAN.
·Increasing it :
-advantage : Free your download bandwidth capacity.
-Disadvantage : If your downstream connection bandwidth does get saturated it will result in Packet Loss (Although downstream connections being saturated with <30KB/s speed is rare nowadays).
-Advice : Set it to 25600, it'll be capped serverside anyway.

3) Some usefull binds :
All these binds have an ingame chat line, so you'll always know what you are doing.
It's up to you to bind them anywhere else of course.

4) Q4TV settings :
seta net_clientMaxPrediction 1500
seta net_predictionerrordecay "200" //default is 112
seta net_clientPrediction 0

decrease net_clientPrediction until you reach the limit where you are lagging like a 5 fps slideshow (it could be at -150), then increase it a bit (e.g. add 10ms, or more if you have some larger ping jumps) and you should have a smooth Q4TV.
Note that these settings worked fine with patch 1.4.1 beta, it may be different with next patches.

Personal overall conclusion :
-Jumping pings are Quake 4's evil.
-Melting netcode and frame rendering was a stupid idea.

Thanks to AnthonyJ for all his help about this.

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I hate hitscan weapons (96 comments)
Posted by wata @ 17:24 CST, 10 January 2007 - iMsg
I hate hitscan weapons. Well.. most of them.
(/!\ whine thread)
(advice : gtfo lepow)

-UT2004 : shock rifle's primary fire ruined his gameplay.
It should have been set at 30dmg or something like that, cause the true genius of this weapon is to make shock combos and nothing else, surely not being a shock whore.
Minigun is pretty lame too.
ut2004 is a hitscan fest, got bored of it, next.

-Quake 4 : rail ruins the gameplay.
Quake movements are sooo freakin' unbelievably cool.. and adding crouchsliding make them so fluid. In UT it's usefull to move, with dodges & shit, but in Quake moreover it's simply a pleasure. I love it, CTF is just awesome with.
And then there is rail, 100dmg, most often it's an instagib ; moreover q4's hitboxes are a fucking joke (the average player have 40/50% shot hit with rail. So easy to hit).
Rail should be lowered at 80dmg and become something like ut2004's lightning gun, which is a fine hitscan weapon, well balanced imo (yeah, the only one I don't hate).
GTR's hitboxes should be put in vQ4 too. No I don't think it's "impossible", but yeah maybe there is a certain amount of work to separate MP from SP (atm ID don't want to change vQ4 hitboxes cause it fucks up SP with collisions bugs).
Also maybe we should simply all play GTR.

I tried warsow, same shit, plus I don't like it (some good ideas, but the final result is a crappy game imo).
I tried quake 1, no rail, I didn't tried it long but I didn't liked the feel of it ; maybe I'll give it another try.

So, what's coming next ?
UT2007 ? Seems it gonna be another hitscan domination, I'm so impatient... Although It could be a good bf-like (I liked ONS in ut2004), I doubt I'll have fun with it in TDM and others classic mods.
Quake wars isn't a fast paced fps, Severity"ll certainly be an exact copy of q3 and so with a rail ; and there is nothing else to come atm I think.

Fucking hitscan weapons... go back on cs/cod and such only-tactical games. There is no pleasure to use them in a fast paced fps.
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