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I've been on a short vacation trip with my girlfriend in renesse and i really have to say: i like the dutch people. i admit they are kinda strange and they seriously suck in soccer, but they are nice people even to germans. and boy you gotta hate the germans on vacation. i saw so many god damn german tourists that behaved like stupid morons, that even i was ashamed and painted my license plate yellow. the whole trip i tried to speak dutch, which in my opinion is just german without opening the mouth, but i really couldn't do it. it always sounded like french or swiss. but i learned something from dutch television: there is one thing in the netherlands, that sucks even more than their soccer team: their rappers!
i saw some music channel (the box or something?), and i saw two music videos that were so god damn akward, that i was ashamed to watch it, but on the other side, i was so fascinated that i couldn't switch channels. one video was with some rapper called "ali b.", that made me laugh so hard. this guy can't be serious! he looks very thin like he is sick or something, and how can he call himself "ali b" if there is some famous rapper icon called "ali g"?
he came driving a mercedes in the video and started rapping. no offense against the dutch language, but your language just isn't made for rapping. it's even worse than french rap IMO. it's sounded so gay and i thought everything he said rhymes with "frities". and the guy he looked like some people came up and told him to be a rapper and all he has to do is look mean.
that was really funny, but then i was shocked, as they played a video of some rapper (or rappers? i couldn't even say if its more than one), which unfortunately i forgot the name of, and he rapped about his bird. i think i could understand what he was rapping about and the lyrics were something like: "where's my birdie now", but he it sounded like a crossover of dutch and english, and it was really akward, because the video was probably the cheapest thing i've seen for years. the point was, that i heard this song like 10 times in four days and now i like it. i think more people should know this song, so if anyone can contribute the title or the name of the group, feel free to help those "rappers" to climb the charts!

i really liked it in the netherlands and i WILL come again!

ps: and what about those small houses you people live in? are you serious? the look lovely, but so tiny...