MyPHPPa is a Planetarion clone from round 4 of planetarion with 30 seconds per tick, instead of the 1 hour ticks that uses. It's got all the game balances, names, ships and stuff from planetarion round 4; and in my opinion, that's the perfect planetarion round.

For those of you who don't know what planetarion is, here's a small description.

It's kind of a turn-based space warfare game, where each player has a planet and the possibility of gaining resources for construction, research and eventually warfare. The resources are gained using asteroids controlled by the planet, and the main goal of the game is really to get as powerful as possible, through having the biggest income from said asteroids. The cheapest way of getting a good bulk of asteroids is by taking them from others. And that's where the warfare is introduced.

The current round has been going on for two days now, and will probably continue about a week more. It's only got about 50 planets signed on at the moment, but I promise you; it still is a lot of fun.

edit: ok, the link. To my defence, I actually edited it once after i posted it, but my connection was killed somehow, leaving it unaltered. Here's the link anyway: