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Nearly nine months after it's predecessor, TDFE2 has been released. Here's a quote from Twisted himself on http://tfde.oztf.com about the contents, since i can't describe it any better ;)

TFDE2 is a QuakeWorld movie showcasing frags, stunts, flag captures and bloopers from the world's best TeamFortress players. Unlike the original TFDE which featured only Australian players, TFDE2 has material from other TF-loving countries such as New Zealand, Finland and Portugal. Not only that but to get inside the head of the players you see, there are even voice communication recordings from real TF matches, as well as some live commentary from Australia's most famous shoutcaster, Joe.
source: http://tfde.oztf.com

It's been captured using a development version of the custom qw client FuhQuake 0.30. That client will be released to the public on monday, so with Eso2 QW 1v1 going on this weekend as well, qw-ers are kinda spoiled with quality stuff these days 8).