I've been considering going to the CPL Sheffield tournament, weighing up the pros and cons. I have a bad feeling about this event. For one thing it's in Sheffield, and I think it reflects badly on eSports to hold a major event in a place where journalists aren't going to visit it; the UK press are notorious for not travelling more than stumbling distance out of their office. Hell, even I'm hesitant to make the journey and I love gaming events. But who knows, maybe there's a master plan up CPL's sleeve to herd journalists out of London and 200 miles up the M1. We'll have to wait and see.

Then on the plus side, the Painkiller players are pretty much guaranteed to attend so there will be loads of familiar faces there. Also I'm pretty certain there'll be plenty of poker going on and I wouldn't mind playing with some new faces. Finally I did all those upgrades to the ESR gallery so I'd quite like to get a CPL Sheffield gallery up.

Yes that's convinced me, I'm going. Now I just have to find a camera. Dom took my good Sony on holiday with him. I might be able to borrow my Dad's D100 if I can convince him I won't lose it. I have a tendency to leave digital cameras in a Dennys for some reason (happened twice already). Thankfully the chance of finding a Dennys in Sheffield is quite low so I think I'm safe.

So who else is going to CPL Sheffield. Oh and which hotel are people staying in? There are two listed on the website, I don't want to be at the wrong one!