15 days ago I was in the pub with some mates watching Champions League I think, laughing nervously about how I'm going to write and research a complete final year History dissertation from scratch in only 2 weeks. Most people had started 6-8 MONTHS earlier and when I hit the library the next morning to find my first sources, I realised just what an uphill battle this was going to be.

14 days later at 5.28am on deadline day I'm proud to say I've finished the fucker. 10 thousand words, diagrams, maps, a pretty coversheet, hundreds of footnotes, and a vast bibliography. My floor is a sea of photocopied books, journals and microwave meal cartons. I also look and feel like a tramp.

It's nowhere near what I'm capable of, but then again I fucking did it in 2 weeks flat. I'd say that was some sort of record but my housemate knows someone who wrote their dissertation in one week. Apprently this guy having never left his chair for 7 days developed an abcess on his arse that he had to have lanced every day for months. I've just checked and thankfully I'm abcess free.

Has anyone got the promo of RJD2's Since We Last Spoke? I listened to it a few times last week and felt quite let down after Deadringer. Tonight however, I began to understand its brilliance. Time to make myself presentable and take a walk in the early morning sun to get this bound and hand it in. You can't inject or smoke this sort of feeling, you have to earn it.