Dear Journal...

Yesterday i come home from a 12 hour shift at Mcdonalds.. OK?

And some admin from Clanbase is waiting in my irc channel. He tells me.. stop saying abusive posts on else he will contact my ISP?


Does this face look like it gives a shit? --> :/

Just for the record, this admin was talkin shit to me all because i said the word 'nazi' in my post to a news item on a Clanbase cup. Now this made me think to my 400+ reply post on esreality last month, that had nazi in the headline.

No esreality admins came threatening me with ISP bans. Does this mean Esreality admins are better? Or that Clanbase admins just generally suck dick?

How about you go tell me ISP provider (English) that one of their paying customers said the word nazi on a gaming website and watch them slap your face for being a fucking geek.