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Ms.X is gorgeous? (3 comments)
Posted by ricky @ 11:40 CST, 11 March 2006 - iMsg
Its true?
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women: are they equals? (96 comments)
Posted by ricky @ 04:12 CST, 2 April 2004 - iMsg
No, offence to women.

Im all for equal rights. For years women have sought to be equal to men. Women want equal pay, equal opportunities for work. They want equal everything.

But answer me this... if women want to be so equal...

Why do they still get first seats on life boats? You wouldnt see any women crying for equal rights while they were sailing off in a life boat watching all the men die in the titanic. Plus in WW2 when all males over 16 were conscripted... basically forced to go and die for their country. You didnt see women crying to go and die too?

Males are naturally built as the more dominant of the 2 sex's women are not, nor will women ever be equal to men. Who agree's with me?
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admins? wtf (62 comments)
Posted by ricky @ 15:27 CST, 17 February 2004 - iMsg
Dear Journal...

Yesterday i come home from a 12 hour shift at Mcdonalds.. OK?

And some admin from Clanbase is waiting in my irc channel. He tells me.. stop saying abusive posts on else he will contact my ISP?


Does this face look like it gives a shit? --> :/

Just for the record, this admin was talkin shit to me all because i said the word 'nazi' in my post to a news item on a Clanbase cup. Now this made me think to my 400+ reply post on esreality last month, that had nazi in the headline.

No esreality admins came threatening me with ISP bans. Does this mean Esreality admins are better? Or that Clanbase admins just generally suck dick?

How about you go tell me ISP provider (English) that one of their paying customers said the word nazi on a gaming website and watch them slap your face for being a fucking geek.

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Today i will be mostly eating.... (35 comments)
Posted by ricky @ 18:56 CST, 20 January 2004 - iMsg
Dear Journal..

Today, i thought id have a ctfpickup.euro game with a few clan mates of mine. So, i enters the channel.. i addup and i have a rather nice game of CTF. After the game we decide for a 2nd pickup.. we do the same, only this time as i connect to the server.. 2 of the channel admins also connect.

"Panneto please leave" is what they say.
"Excuse me?" my reply.
"you are banned" one admin says.
"well why can i join the channel again?, i thought i was unbanned" i replied.
"no.. you just changed your auth" the same admin repeated.

Fair enough, i did change my auth, but i did that a week ago. And simply forgot i had changed it. So i wasnt changing my auth to join pickup.

But regardless. I shouldnt be banned in the first place. Seen as the only reason i am banned is because the op's dislike me. I havnt actually done anything wrong, except of course play alot better ingame than the admins.

I am 10 times more charming than alot of the players still not banned in the #ctfpickup.euro channel.

For example Spirit of noob clan 3vL. He connects to the server.. not added on topic, hoping som1 wont show up so he can play in their place. As soon as the admin told me to leave, he saw his opportunity to get in the game. "Panneto fuck off" i love you too Spirit? I spectated and then attempted to reason with the admins, at the same time one of my teammates, upon hearing the insult Spirit directed at me.. acted as a good friend and told Spirit to "stfu" this then caused a hellacious battle between Spirit and my friend (while i was trying to reason with the 2 admins) Spirit was very insulting.. calling many a name to my friend. While all my friend said was "Spirit you arnt topic.. fo and stfu"

The admins, then told my friend to shush? When it was clear to all.. Spirit was the main one offending and shouting.

This is a clear show of arse licking. Spirit whinges in game 10 times more than i ever could. Yet by licking arse raw style and basically saying the admins are your god.. you dont get banned for whining? If an admin gets fresh with me.. and tried to abuse his powers i will tell that fucker straight. But because Spirit sucks royal admin cock.. he doesnt?

I suggest a complete removal of all admins in #ctfpickup.euro and only the echbot has an op. Therefore nobody will be kicked for trivial things by the biased nazi-like admins.
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