Why every Quake player should be playing CPMa.

Over the years a number of different versions of Quake (you may count Doom as well) have appeared. With every new game there have been a number of Quake players that refused to move on because their game was best. Iíve even seen arguments about how Quake is better than Quakeworld, although the difference is minimal. Everyone has had a ďfavoriteĒ Quake, which is usually the one you started on. CPMa (Challenge Pro-Mode Arena) is meant to bring it all together, and in my eyes, it has achieved that, as well as adding a number of features which is REALLY useful to the community.

I have been a Quake 3 player most of competitive gaming life. I actually scoffed at CPMa players labeling as n00bies because obviously if they were any good they would be playing Quake 3. Then at the beginning of this year, I got Quakeworld and started watching some demos. The speed and level of skill was incredible. I just watched more and more, totally forgetting about any ďslowĒ Quake 3 demos that might be released.

Then someone mentioned if I liked Quakeworld demos I should try and get CPMa demos. So I did. After I watched my first few demos I started playing the next day. I was having fun playing BOTS!?! This was about 3 weeks ago, and I am now totally convinced that CPMa is THE game.

Arguments that have arisen from new Quake games are:
- Itís too slow
- Itís too n00bie friendly
- The physics suck
- Too little skill
- Netcode sucks
- Not fun
- Boring to watch

Itís too slow
The speed decrease from Quake to Quake 2 to Quake 3 has been rectified. Thanks to a combination of Quakeworld/Quake 2 movement. You can now turn corners in mid-flight, as well as strafe jump as fast as you like. Then there is the Quake like weapon changing, which although is not instant like Quake, it is still pretty dang fast.

Some Quake 2 players may say this is bad, because it removes the strategy involved in choosing which weapon to use where. But this is not like Quake where your weapon choice revolved around rocket launcher, lightning gun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, rocket launcher. Behold! You have the weapon choice of Quake 3. Which makes weapon choice vitally important, and knowing what weapons your opponent has. So people moving around maps incredibly fast and people switching weapons really fastÖ Itís not slow, butÖ

Itís too n00bie friendly
I think the friendly game between matr0x and ZeRo4 at WCG2002 demonstrated how n00bie UNfriendly CPMa is. (People are going to say ďBUT ITSS ONLY A FRIEENDLY!!! The pt4 game were z4 raped unkind was also a friendly) Hell, ZeRo4 is far from a n00b, he just didnít know CPMa (or maybe cpm3) like matr0x did.

The Quake 3 ďn00b friendlyĒ elements have been removed. Players spawn on 100 health and the machine gun has been scaled down so you donít get taken from 100/100 to dead after you fragged the opponent. (I play Ph4nt0m sometimes, when he takes out the mg, I usually run) So CPMa isnít n00b friendly, stillÖ

The physics suck
Well, this is something I canít really argue against, you either like it or not. The physics are far closer to Quakeworld/Quake 3 than Quake 2, so Quake 2 players might have something to moan about.

But hey, it has the Quake 2 double jumping, slope jumping, well basically all the Quake 2 jumping, it just wonít feel like Quake 2. There is still the rail gun, and the Quake 2 armor system. But hey, when has id engine physics REALLY sucked, sure you might say, itís not as good as the last, itís still not UT2k3 :P Ok ok, so the physics are cool, but it might haveÖ

Too little skill
Has anyone been reading what Iíve been writing? We have here, more to learn than any other Quake game. Different elements to learn from each game, if thatís too little skill then Iím Thresh (Just incase you misunderstood, Iím not :P) Yeh whatever, but theÖ

Netcode sucks
Quake 3 netcode definitely sucks. No going around the bush there, except that CPMa IS NOT Quake 3!!! Itís funny to think that the 2nd best online CPMa player in America lives in Europe. (rat) CPMa is perfectly playable on 120 ping, which should be a joy to any HPB. (Like me) So the netcode is great, itís stillÖ

Not fun
Does anyone remember me saying I was having fun playing bots? Thatís after playing Quake 3 for 4 years against bots. (I live in South Africa ok, the internet sucks) Just start up CPMa on a suitable map, and jump around a bit, get used to the movement, try to figure out what you can do. Before you know it, you have just wasted 2 hours jumping around a map. Why? Because itís FUN!

So you play some quake god online and lose 48 to -2. You had fun just admiring the opponentís movement and control of the map. Itís not like Quake 3 where itís ď*sigh* He fragged me again, let me walk some where while he gets all the guns, all the armor and then drops down and kills me.Ē In CPMa itís ďWHOA, how did he do that!? That was insane! Oh god, did I just die again?Ē

And before you know it the games finished (All action) and somehow the score is really really high. Some people may get upset from this, and maybe Iím just crazy. But I used to just love playing Quakeworld against a good player. I think the first game I played online I lost 56 to -4. I was pretty good at Quake 3 thenÖ but it was totally different, I just played again, trying not to lose by so much. Because itís so fast, itís even fun losing. Ok so itís fun, but itísÖ

Boring to watch
MVD anyone? For those of you who donít know, that stands for Multi-View Demo. You can switch views while you watch demos!?!? Isnít that just so COOL. You can also bring up the score sheet anytime too, which has all the accuracy stats all there for you as the game progresses. My personal favorite feature while Iím watching is the little box in the top right hand corner that shows THE OTHER PLAYERS VIEW!!! How many times have you watched a demo where you just had to know where the other player was?

If Quake is ever shown on TV, the CPMa setup for demo watching is exactly how it is going to look. And I havenít even gotten into how exciting it is to watch. Itís fast, there is a lot of action and if youíve ever played a Quake game itís not confusing at all, itís just like normal Quake 3 demos without the boring bits. Iím not even going to go into TDM or CTF. (Flag running to the extreme) Ok, so itís not boring to watch butÖ

OH SHUT UP ALREADY. If you arenít convinced by now, you never will be. Separate yourself from the next big thing in Quake, remove yourself from the community, go play Counter-Strike or UT2k3, you wonít be missed. For the rest of youÖ

Challenge Pro-Mode Arena

CPMa Demos

Anyway, Iím gonna go try to get a CPMa server up in South Africa againÖ
Over and out.


PS. I just read arQonís interview, what a co-incidence that I decided to post this now. Think of this as the ďmore friendlyĒ persuasion into CPMa :)

10 years later:
Found this on way back when machine, first thing I contributed to ESR, hehe, thought I would share.