Not so much of an announcement or a recent release, but more of a reminder that there is actually a lively community playing the game that invented Overwatch. It is, of course, Team Fortress mod from the oldest instalment of Quake, now available as a standalone game that requires you do nothing but slap the download link.

Most notable features of the modernised game client are multi platform support (Win, Linux) and support for potat pcs that is bound to make our friends behind the modern day Iron Curtain happy (they even got #russia on discord!). Other than that, it's all down to the community which is hosting 2v2 & 4v4 TF leagues, ladders and overall keeps the game alive either through constant development or daily pickup games.

If you're interested in pugging, first step would be to hop on to the website and grab the client and optional files. Next up, sign in to the website via discord and grab your token. Run the game client and paste the line in to console. Congrats, you're ready to play! Hop on to the discord server and sign yourself up for a few games. And in true quaker fashion, don't watch the tutorials on how to play (because you're the best player!) and simply annoy the rest of your team mates for the day.

Links: website, discord