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Rating: 7.4 (15 votes)
Recently released by Polish Q2 players MoN-SooN and Oni, a 39:50 (!) long Q2DM fragmovie featuring numerous Polish players taking on eachother.

The movie was made with the custom Q2 client BeefQuake and features Matrix-like scenes created with KeyGrip 2. It mostly consists of frags on the standard id maps, however it also includes action on the following maps: aeroq2 (aka q2duel1), broken2 (aka q2duel5), fury, tltf (q3dm17 converted) and ztn2dm3 (aka q2duel8).

At 510 mb, it's a rather hefty download, the settings in Q2 could have been done a bit better too, but the action is fierce, so check it out ;)

update 29-09-'03: added q2.anomal.org url