You know that there are many parameters in the game, about 200. We are constantly discussing them here and there. Gameplay, netcode, different settings, HUDs, colors

By correcting one and making it correct, we forget about other parameters and change them in the wrong direction.

We practically (about 70%) had no problem with incorrect maps in QL. And everyone had already forgotten that in general everything was great with the maps in QL.

With the advent of Diabotical, we had new map makers who didn't play QL but played other shooters.

And you know what?

They made a bunch of bad maps. This new disease to do 2x floor low maps, like maps in DOOM 1 and 2. Flat maps with a desire to a maze.

Two of these maps won the competition. Amberfall and Overgrowth.
And my head was torn apart. ...... Both are low and have 2 floors.

I created a corresponding topic on reddit 2 months ago, but naturally no one read it. Because who am I? I have karma at -5. Who will listen to such a toxic player?

The current list of frankly crappy maps:

.... others

In fact, you yourself can define a crappy map by counting the number of floors or by eye-measuring the height of these maps.

Examples of good and bad maps . For those who are dumb (for you).

And I don't want to see such poor 1x1 games on such poor maps on streams.

The disease turned out to be contagious, it spreads like a coronavirus. New mapmakers are pleased with themselves and admire themselves in the mirror every day. They start to imitate the winners and make the same 2-floor low maps from DOOM 1 (1978 release date).

As a result we have an map editor that is used for what?
In order to destroy the gameplay of the game!

Have you expected a lot of good maps?

How do you like that?