Bye bye money-wise poor people of the UK who thought being sold out is a good idea. Bye bye NHS and hello to chlorinated chicken. Will be interesting to see what other kind of deals the UK is be able to get. Merkel just canceled every Brexit talk. Poor Boris. (Ah not poor he will get some money from some rich people who will really appreciate the opening of the UK market to their products.)

And funny thing about Q Anon is, the people who are victims of all those new age changes support those people who benefit the most from them. By taking advantage of exactly you, the money-wise poor people. They are burning your dreams to get the most out for themselves. It is because you emotionally connect to those people and you start to think, you both are alike. Which is not totally wrong, you are emotionally alike, but the huge difference is, that those people are rich and they will get richter, you not at all. Your problem is, that you do not use your brain to judge the situation, you only use your emotions. And you feel that you were left behind and now you want to come back really big time. Playing an all in with really really bad cards. Pure desperation and you make it worse for all of us with your stupidity.