I have a pretty good video card and a 144Hz screen with adaptive sync. Still I have FPS drops at 125 FPS and some sort of weird lag, which makes it impossible to aim. The thing is I play with RTCW:ET, but it has Quake 3 engine, so in theory we have the same cvars and the same problems.

I have com_maxfps 125, r_displayrefresh "144", r_displayrefreshrate "144", r_primitives "2". It works fine without vsync (except the problem I mentioned above), I have 144Hz on the screen and 125 FPS in the game. Whenever I turn on vsyc with r_swapInterval "1" the FPS drops to 60 and the screen writes 60Hz. Even with 60 FPS it feels a lot better than what I have with 125 FPS, I don't have tearing, the mouseaccel feeling disappears and at least jumping is relative ok. Is there any idea how to increase the FPS with vsync enabled?