So I've been watching some QC games lately, and I can't believe..

.. that Toxic doesn't seem to be fat anymore!

Seriously though, what I really can't believe is the level of play / aim today. I can recall Cypher having some nutty LG aim in his QL prime, but that's the only parallel I can draw to what's currently happening in QC.

"Back in the day" we used to believe that for example ZeRo4's rail aim was out of this world. Now this level of aim seems average.

There's constant tournament action, and the level of play is consistently such that would make up highlight reels a decade ago.

Good stuff. If any of the old dogs is reading this, who might be as oblivious to what's going on currently as I was until recently, check it out! Youtube channels "QCP" and "ThisIsZoot".

Oh, and happy to read from anyone from back in the day regardless.