So today, after more than two years, I tried to play QC again. I can tell you I was fully committed to go in without any kind of prejudice whatsoever, I really gave it a shot; I was thinking that I would have a great time and a lot of fun.

However, things went south fast, and It already took great effort and a lot of self-restraint not to close it until reached the title screen (or the menu or whatever do you call it), because after icons, logos, Eula and whatnot, it was actually loading in the title screen (for like 5 seconds or even more).

Then I was forced to click on some things (no clue whatever those were), and after that I could not select anything but "Play" in the upper middle which took me into a practice match (the only selectable option) which brought me into a different screen with pillars where it was searching for a game... and time went by..... and more time went by.... and after I had enough of that, I just alf+f4-ed it.... which made it crash and opened some "Crash dump sending utility"

Immediately uninstalled it because it made me sad, that is all what it did. As far as I am concerned, for me, it is a 22GB sadness generator, good for nothing.

That would be all, thanks.