I'm trying to find a new gaming mouse, and am looking for some advice.

Believe it or not I currently still use the Razer Boomslang CE 2007 (I have 3 of them, and use them at home and at work), and before that I used the original Razer Boomslang 2000. In other words I've been using the exact same mouse chassis for almost 20 years, and I'm concerned I'll struggle to adjust to anything else after so long, especially since the Boomslang is such an unusual shape (very low). The reason for wanting to switch is that my various Boomslang CEs are all in pretty bad shape at this point - they still work fine, but the rubber on the buttons in particular is perishing to the extent that they're no longer nice to hold.

Anyway I almost exclusively play FPS games, and although my preferred grip has changed slightly over the years, I've been using a fingertip grip for a long time now. I like being able to rest my wrist on the mousemat, and almost never have to move it, instead controlling the mouse almost exclusively with my fingertips.

The problem is that I have small hands (approx 17cm length), and the vast majority of mice are too large for me to be able to keep my wrist on the mouse mat (and rarely have to move it), whilst still having plenty of room to move the mouse forwards and backwards and also reach the buttons.

Although the Boomslang is not a small mouse (it is very low, but also quite long), the buttons are very large, meaning my finger tips only need to reach halfway along the mouse in order to press the buttons. That's how I hold the mouse. It does mean I can't easily reach the wheel, but that's not a big deal (I prefer keyboard bindings to change weapons etc).

Similarly I have no interest in having lots of side buttons etc - in fact if there are any side buttons I'll probably want to disable / unbind them if possible. Oh and I want a wired mouse (a hybrid might be fine, but I don't want a wireless-only mouse)

Having researched current models of gaming mice, I'm vaguely interested in the Logitech G Pro Hero (wired), and possibly the Razer Lancehead TE. However I'm still worried that they'll be too large for my grip and hand size combination, despite being smaller than most mice out there.

I have also considered mice that are intended to be for portable / mobile use, as they are often significantly smaller. However they all seem to be wireless. For example the Razer Atheris... the dimensions of that look good (although I'd prefer it to be lower), but it's wireless. It looks like the older Razer Orochi was a hybrid wired/wireless mouse (of about the same small portable dimensions as the Atheris), so might have been a good option, but it seems to be discontinued and I can't find them anywhere.

So now I'm wondering whether I could use the same approach with any of the latest gaming mice as I do with the Boomslang - ie only actually use the bottom half of the mouse. Photos of the Logitech G Pro make it very clear where the two main buttons end - they don't extend very far down the mouse at all. But I can't tell with the Lancehead, as the entire top of the mouse is made from a single piece of material, so there's no clear end to the buttons. Does anyone know how far back on the Lancehead the buttons can be readily pressed (ie without undue pressure required)?

Any other suggestions?