I used to play Quakelive alot, and some Q3 before that but not much. I am not that good of a player, made it to 1600 duel elo and played alot of ctf but never being really good at that either..In 2014 i started playing dota 2, I still played some quake occasionally but just a FFA here and there.
Then they announced QC I was so hyped, we gonna get this brand new quake and now the developers know what we want..They are gonna make this awesome game with totally customizable graphics, implemented rating system, improved ctf, maybe some csgolike weapon skins for the rich kids, but most importantly they are gonna create this new team gamemode that will have an objective and it's gonna attract so many people to the game. Dueling, CA everything will still be there for people to play within their elo rating, even cpma and defrag will have it's ladder.
I got jack shit...tried sacrifice, stayed for few patches and just left.
Last week checked steamcharts quakelive 400 players QC 600 players...Clap Clap