Hello esr reality. I am travelling again in a carriage on rails.

How are you all today. I'll be here for the next four to five hours answering your train related queries and more.

Two weeks from now is TimConLAN 7. We've done seven of these things since 2016, it's been a lot of fun and I've met many quakers from the UK and Europe. I'm very grateful that people are willing to travel to my humble lan party.

Sadly this may be the last event for a while or even the last ever. I hope this isn't the case and we can get back on track in a new venue soon.

We've decided to boycott horizon esports club because the owner is a bit of a dick, that's all I'll say on the matter, the details aren't really important.

We have almost 20 people coming this time for cpma and QL. Sadly it looks like diabotical won't be released in time for us to enjoy it at the lan, maybe next time. :)

I don't have much more to say other than I'm very excited to see all the usual timcon lads and to meet some new people also. Cheers esr and keep arenafps alive. Fuck quake champions.