Do you remember that feeling in RTCW when you jumped on to a server and people played as a team (voice command chat with so cool and fun!) I need a medic!

Anyway while clearing out my loft I came across a rare gem of a DVD my friend in real life [ACF]Majorlag made for ACF when he was a member back in 2003. I believe it was never uploaded on to the Internet so this will bring back the exhilaration and joy RTCW gave many players who loved competitive gameplay and those fun public matches.

Anyway enjoy.. I had to split the DVD movies unfortunately because I'm a noob :) credit to video editing goes to Majorlag <3

ACF DVD Intro (Dutch/British flag)

Group stages highlight movie from 2003 Uberl33t competition

ACF makes semi final against 4Kings...

ACF (Well won't spoil it for you might bring back some memories.. Warwitch what a guy :)

Few weeks later ACF meet OMG again eurocup qualifications..

Back in 2003 there was a lot of players in a big but tight community and alot of banter, so memories of this can never fade.. (RIP clanbase)

IRC Banter (RIP)