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Rating: 9.4 (18 votes)
Presenting a team trickjumping double feature directed and produced by cop and stupid fresh / rbk. The double feature consists of two feature-length segments, cop's Hate Freestyle 3 and rbk's Stunners. The double feature features the content from following list of players: acrob4t, afu, alpha, amrit, buddha, bunny-burning, camionneur, cts, daydark, dem0oo0n, dipshit, dqopb, elco, evilknebl, faq, fleshw3lder, hyper, ifoo, kale, kg7x, khabbi, kid, klacid, kov3nant, marsaz, maze, michcio, midimightymoe, mikendo, m0un, monter, nebula, piki, priority, rate, rbk, remis, room, rtb, soul_brother, se1z, slam, smok1e, sp4rky, stqrm, umek, vapour and whit3.

While Hate Freestyle 3 was a long planned final part of the trilogy, it had several delays and lack of motivation from the author. At the end of 2018 rbk decided to fill this gap and release the new unused tricks in a spin-off project. Rbk's outcome inspired cop to get back to the project and finally finish it for a release in January 2019. The rest is history as you know.

Cop's segment pays tribute to the good old Hate Freestyle series and completes the trilogy. While standing 6:45 minutes long, it features mainly the latest, never before seen tricks. Meanwhile rbk's segment is a spin off of the Stunner series and stands 22:40 minutes long. It consists of old, new and unused tricks from various previous projects. Spoiler alert: if you're only willing to check the most (not all) of the new tricks, check Hate Freestyle 3, if you're here for a long haul, Stunners is for you. However, best experience will be achieved if both are checked, giving you a glimpse of every single team trickjump recorded by the gang to date.