The popular QuakeWorld server software package nQuakesv has had its bundled versions of QuakeWorld server software updated. The included server software is now MVDSV v0.32 as well as server mod KTX v1.38.

This update is a delayed one as new MVDSV and KTX versions were released at end of June earlier this year and as it kind of escaped the news i thought it's definitely worth a mention. The changelogs bring us a bunch of interesting changes such as:
  • Bots support in KTX, i.e. can now have bots on standard online servers (they were pretty much only localhost before)
  • Web server integration for reporting match results (some servers do this to under servers tab)
  • Smoother teleports on high ping (making the classic Aerowalk teleporter jump work like on localhost)
  • Bigger maps support (BSP2/BSP29a format)
  • Support for racing at the same time in Race mode
  • Etc...

MVDSV v0.32 changelog
KTX v1.38 changelog
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