hey hello guys

well this thread is better suited for the Quake III Arena forum but for some reason I didn't seem to be able to post it there so I'll try here to see if there's more luck.

so the thing is I don't know if some of you still remember about some Quake III Arena server browser and monitor called q3mon written by slackX but lately I've been looking for it to play with it and perhaps start a small monitoring site but I just can't seem to find it anymore :/ and you can trust me that I already search it for good for a couple of days as well as already hit all the names I knew from back to no avail.

then I would like to ask here if by chance someone still have the original package, q3mon-0.2a.tar.gz I think it was, if so I would really appreciate if someone could share here a link for it.

thanks in advance, have a nice day