1. Stop whine that "nobody plays this game anymore" because its just not true. Just load sv list and see that there is ALWAYS some other fag playing, no problem whatsover. (Sorry NA / SA, talking about EU).
Just play Quake Live!

2. I love that game. I dont give a fuck about opinions, Im gonna play it anyway to the end of my miserable fag life. So stfu and just play Quake Live!

3. I tested Quake Champions and THE ONLY advantage on QL is the bigger playerbase (for now). Lets be honest, DUEL mode is just some random joke. Sftu again and just play Quake Live!

I have the feeling that so many players gave up on QL because of the others whining that this game is DEAD blah blah blah when it was just fine, maybe not that popular anymore.

Good day to you!