QW Quakecon arrives once again as is tradition at every summers year. The most elite Quake players from all around the world will come to United States of America Dallax, Texas for a chance to compete for $200,000 in prizepools. Be sure not to miss the best of the best playing in the 2v2 TDM Open Tournament followed by the Duel Showdown. This is also the second time ever that Quake champions is gonna be featured as the main game for the e-sports part of the event. Stay tuned for more details.

Brackets: 2v2 Qualifier, 2v2 playoff, Duel Showdown
Live streams: twitch Quake, twitch Bethesda
Links: Quakecon Home, Quakecon ESL, Toornament, Liquipedia, tweet @QuakeCon, tweet @ESLQuake
VODS: ytube 102