Round 6 of Reflex Race World Cup has finished! Participants had 1 week to grind and submit a replay on a brand new map, "Cloister" by United States of America Sharqosity. Please see below for a stream and end results of all the ranked replays that were submitted. This week's stream was especially entertaining as there were some technical difficulties and heavy breathing on the microphone. You're welcome in advance!

Round 7 starts tomorrow, 05:30 CDT, 16 July 2018! The map is "Rash" by the king of devgray, United Kingdom rekk0r. Participants have until 18:00 CDT, 21 July 2018 to submit their replays. As usual, there will be a stream on the following day to reveal the results and show everyone's submissions.

Links: Reflex Racing World Cup, Discord, Forums