Update: We've met our goal! Thank you to everyone who tuned in, donated, and helped support us getting to DH Tours!

Greetings everybody,

My teammate yenOm and I have been practicing hard for the past 4 months in anticipation for the Quake Esports announcements, only to hear that all events this year are on-site open qualifiers. I do like this format, but with the event being a little over a month away, it has made it extremely hard for any North American teams to attend.

I strongly believe if yenOm and I were to attend, we would qualify and even upset many teams that would consider us the underdogs. We have been practicing at least 5 nights a week for the last few months, and have seen improvement both in scrim results and community-ran tournaments.

Unfortunately, with on-site open qualifiers yenOm and myself will not be able to attend on our own. I'm here to do something I wish I didn't have to do, which is to ask for community support to attend Dreamhack Tours.

With a donation goal of $2,500 USD, yenOm and myself would be able to purchase airfare, hotel, and travel to and from the airport and hotel. We know it is a lot, but we hope you will support us in our journey to attend Dreamhack Tours, whether through pure spectatorship or being beyond kind and donating to have another North American team present.

We want to be completely transparent with any donations we receive, and if we fail to reach our goal, we will donate everything we have received to a community cup or refund those who would like it refunded. We will be streaming as much as we can leading up to the event as well, so please feel free to tune in and watch as our adventure unfolds.

Thank you so much for your support <3



Current donators:

Community stream w/ GirlNamedMaggie & SqzToy - $550
Anonymous - $500
br1ck - $200
Cloker - $100
Eric Morris - $100
JurassicFire - $75
Liquid Dahang - $50
Justin Esposito - $50
acidreign - $50
d3th - $50
GirlNamedMaggie - $50
Anonymous - $50
J Redmon - $50
Ian Dayton - $50
b4ackup - $50
Anonymous - $50
rocinante - $50
Simon - $50
Bjarni - $50
Dirac - $50
Expensive Ham - $50
Makaveli - $50
BPSkibbenheims - $25
OliveMike - $25
Anonymous - $25
Pit - $25
pthy - $20
Caitrin B - $20
Anonymous - $20
Aakash - $10
Anonymous - $5