I thought this guy had a company? How the fuck do you run a company when you're playing games all day long and everyday? It just seems like he puts his name on crappy made in china products and calls it branding.

Have you guys seen his latest mobo that cost $500 dollars? Why the fuck would anyone buy his product when he himself can't even upgrade his graphics card - guy is using a crappy GPU and keeps whining about having less frames than everyone else. He probably can't afford it man.. He boast about fatal1ty mousepad that he sold them in China. I googled it and they are no where to be found. His headsets have no reviews and they looks like shit. Not having review on amazon is equivalent to shit because amazon wins.

The truth of the matter though is, he has no more edge. He keeps bragging that he was 11 times world champion but what kind of world champion has less than 50 viewers in twitch when he streams consistently every single day? I mean, if you are so good you'd be like 30,000 viewers. What a fucking idiot man. Get a job fool. You're 36 years old and you're still gaming with kids. He makes excuses like "man i'm just giving back to the community and helping esport grow by showing you how I used to practice!" It's "practice, practice practice" what a fucking idiot. Shut the fuck up. Your mousepad is shit, your headphone is shit. All your products are shit.

I'm afraid that this 11 world champion will lose his partnership with monster eventually for having a shitty brand that doesn't sell.

And Look at his ugly ass face when he smiles. Look like a fucking chump. He's got two giant round dimples on his face wtf man. He looks like the guy on the KFC box.